Post pandemic, there is a definite trend for maximalist interiors, with a focus on the pretty and decorative. Hard edges and stone surfaces have been replaced by lots of layering, natural shapes, comfortable textures and....well, more of everything! More pattern, more joy, more expression.  

But decorative doesn’t just mean over the top and isn’t limited to female taste – graceful and decorative interiors are appreciated by both sexes and architectural details can be layered into any space to add depth and elegance. We will show you how, using a selection of our extensive range of decorative interior mouldings and unique products.

Decorative interior mouldings from LL Company

Decorative Mouldings

You’ll be amazed at how much impact decorative interior mouldings can make to your interior. For relatively little cost, the results are phenomenal and can really elevate the room with period features and fine detailing.

All our interior mouldings are made from a product called Purotouch, a lightweight, synthetic material which allows for highly accurate and consistent moulds. These designs are accurate copies of original period features and once painted in, look entirely authentic. Take advantage of our free Product Pairing service which will guide you in selecting complimentary mouldings for a whole room or house – everything from cornice, door mouldings, wall mouldings, skirtings and ceiling roses.

The image below illustrates how to create a frame in which you can hang wallpaper. The bold use of fuschia pink and gilt creates a highly decorative and feminine interior.  

Decorative corner moulding No. 3020a from LL Company

Decorative corner moulding No. 3020a

Decorative Corner moulding No. 8030 from LL Company

Decorative corner moulding No. 8030 

Decorative corner moulding No. 3020a from LL Company

Decorative corner moulding No. 3020a

Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses are often overlooked or considered old fashioned. But....they really do make a huge difference and offer a level of detailing and elegance that can’t be replicated in any other way. If you have a cavernous or tall room, an impressive chandelier or a white box of a room that needs a personality, you should definitely consider installing a ceiling rose.

Their original purpose was to protect the ceiling from candelabra soot marks, whilst later hiding unsightly electrical wiring. Many designers of modern interiors opt for hidden LED’s or spotlights, but pendant lights present the opportunity to hang interesting and decorative light fixtures, finished off with an impressive ceiling rose.

The images here illustrate the different ways you can use ceiling roses from more modern effects or having fun installing multiple sizes in amongst different length pendants! Our extra small No. 10 ceiling rose can be glued to walls rather than the ceiling and used decoratively alongside dado moulding and skirting boards.

Ceiling Roses from LL Company

Ceiling roses from LL Company

No. 64 ceiling rose from LL Company

Above: Ceiling Rose No. 64

Ceiling rose No. 52 from LL Company

Ceiling rose No. 52

Ceiling rose No. 66 from LL Company

Ceiling rose No. 66

Ceiling rose No. 10 from LL Company

Ceiling rose No. 10 used on the wall 

Above: Ceiling Rose No. 10 – an extra small (15cm diameter) rose that can be glued decoratively alongside dado mouldings and skirting boards.

Ceiling rose No. 13 from LL Company

Ceiling rose No. 13

Highly decorative cornices

Give your reception rooms an upgrade with elegant and highly decorative cornicing. Use our online ‘Period Finder’ to help you match our products to the age and style of your house, or add period features to a brand new home. Suddenly you’ll be relaxing in an Italianate palazzo or a Rococco Villa in the South of France!

Decorative Interiors from LL Company

Decorative cornicing No. 307a from LL Company

Decorative Cornicing No. 307a

Decorative cornice No. 201 from LL Company

Decorative cornice No. 201

Decorative cornicing No. 201 from LL Company

Decorative cornice No. 201

Decorative Wall Panelling

Our range of wall panelling offers the full spectrum of styles from ultra contemporary to highly decorative. For a quick and effective way to transform an interior, our easy to install, lightweight wall panelling is the answer!

The new ‘Chevron’ panel No. 130 offers a contemporary way of adding elegance designed with both a striking chevron pattern interwoven with rococo leaf and fruit motif. Use it to cover a full wall, create a feature wall in any room or even use in a bedroom to create a stunning headboard. With thermal and acoustic properties, there are also practical advantages to installing our panelling.  

Chevron wall panelling No. 130 from LL Company

No. 130 Chevron wall panelling 

No. 130 Chevron wall panelling from LL Company

Introducing: ‘Cobble’ – a new decorative wall panelling

We are excited to introduce a new textured wall panelling design ‘Cobble’ which is contemporary, decorative and versatile. Look closely at each panel and you will appreciate the concentric rings which offer a pleasing texture and finish, whilst creating lovely shadow effects. These images illustrate the many ways you can incorporate and have fun with this product at home. Create a dado rail using Cobble tiles stacked one on top of the other, or a ceiling frieze which catches the light and creates interest.

You can also use this panelling to clad furniture, doors or even ceilings! The panels can be cut easily and are designed for use with wall moulding No. 190 and 194. Primed and ready to paint in your own colour, they are also waterproof making them ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

cobble wall panelling from LL Company

cobble cornicing from LL Company

Cobble dado rail from LL Company

Wall panel No. 113 ‘Cobble’ – available in 2m x 25cm panels that can easily be cut to size. 

When you need a little help

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