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Invisidoor Hinge Kit & Secret Book Pull

Introducing the Invisidoor Hinge and Secret Book Pull Collection: Your Gateway to Hidden Elegance and Intrigue.

Unlock hidden possibilities with the Invisidoor Hinge Kit, which seamlessly transforms any door into a concealed portal with unparalleled ease of installation. Crafted for durability and versatility, this hinge kit adapts to your preference for inswing or outswing doors, fitting to Universal Bookcases and custom-made hidden doors perfectly. The kit includes robust, powder-coated steel hinge plates, a universal support foot, and all necessary fasteners.

Complement your concealed entrance with the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull, an ingeniously designed accessory. This book pull blends seamlessly within your collection, keeping your hidden door a secret until it's time to reveal it. A gentle pull or a subtle movement releases the door catch, adding an element of mystery to your space.

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In summary, the Invisidoor Hinge and Secret Book Pull Collection offers a unique and sophisticated way to introduce hidden doors into your space. Whether you choose the Invisidoor Hinge Kit for easy installation or the Secret Book Pull for an added layer of intrigue, our collection promises to elevate your home to a new level of sophistication and wonder. Experience the art of concealment like never before with Invisidoor.

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Invisidoor Hinge FAQs

What is the Invisidoor Hinge Kit?

The Invisidoor Hinge Kit is a versatile hinge system designed to transform any standard door into a hidden or concealed door. It offers a simple and efficient solution for creating concealed entrances.

Can the Invisidoor Hinge Kit be used for both inswing and outswing doors?

Yes, the Invisidoor Hinge Kit is designed to be adaptable. You can use it for both inswing and outswing doors, and it provides options for left or right hinge placement, ensuring flexibility for your specific needs.

What comes in the Invisidoor Hinge Kit package?

The kit includes four durable, powder-coated steel hinge plates, a universal support foot, and all the necessary fasteners required for installation.

How difficult is the installation process for the Invisidoor Hinge Kit?

Installation is straightforward and user-friendly. It's designed to be one of the easiest hinge systems to install on the market. Detailed installation instructions are included with the kit to guide you through the process.

Is the Invisidoor Hinge Kit compatible with the Invisidoor Universal Bookcase?

Yes, the Invisidoor Hinge Kit is compatible with the Invisidoor Universal Bookcase, providing seamless integration for a hidden door within your bookcase. 

Invisidoor Book Pull FAQs

What is the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull?

The Invisidoor Secret Book Pull is a cleverly designed accessory that disguises your concealed door as a book on your shelf. It adds an element of intrigue and sophistication to hidden door solutions.

How does the Secret Book Pull work?

The Secret Book Pull operates with a simple, hidden mechanism. A gentle pull or slight movement activates the door catch, allowing you to access the concealed room or area.

Can the Secret Book Pull be customized to blend with my book collection?

Yes, the Secret Book Pull is crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing book collection. It can be customized to match the appearance and size of your books, ensuring that it remains discreet and indistinguishable.

Is it difficult to install the Invisidoor Secret Book Pull?

Installation is relatively simple, and it can be integrated into your bookshelf without extensive expertise. Detailed installation instructions are included with the product.

Does the Secret Book Pull work with all types of hidden doors?

The Secret Book Pull is compatible with various concealed door solutions, adding a layer of intrigue to your space. It can be used with Invisidoor's hinge system and other hidden door options.

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