Coving & Cornice Moulding

Ornate and Minimalistic

When homeowners are planning their interior design, the area of a room where the wall meets the ceiling is often overlooked. These seams can look terribly bare without decorative coving. While it’s true that other features might be more immediately noticeable at eye level, cornice mouldings can add a stunning architectural element to uninspiring ceilings.

Whether it’s traditionally ornate coving or striking modern coving, this elegant type of décor can subtly transform the atmosphere of any room. Frequently found in period homes, cornice moulding is also popular in contemporary buildings as an upper wall trim, which usually features more embellishment than the skirting boards at the base.

Coving helps to soften the harsh angles of the wall and ceiling joints, with intricate details adding a sense of luxury to the space. It also has the practical purpose of concealing imperfections where the surfaces meet, such as hairline cracks or uneven paint. Why not take advantage of this aesthetically pleasing architectural moulding to transform your living space?

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What’s the difference between cornicing and coving?

If you’re confused about these terms, don’t worry. Also known as crown mouldings, they’re often used interchangeably. To put it simply, a cornice is an ornamental moulding fitted around the top of a room at the junction of the walls and ceiling. Coving is one of the most common types of cornicing, often less elaborate in style.

The term ‘coving’ can also apply more broadly to further types of decorative moulding in other areas, while ‘cornice’ refers to wall trim in that specific place. Other types of coving include ceiling rosesdado railsdoor mouldings, and exterior mouldings – all of which are also available to order online from the Library Ladder Company.

Cornicing is associated with traditional quarter-circle or C-shaped profiles, with intricate designs influenced by classic architectural styles – from Georgian to Victorian, Baroque to Art Deco, post-war to present day adaptations. Modern cornices can even feature hidden channels for incorporating LED lights – perfect for creating ambient uplighting.

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Here at LLC, we find that living room covings and covings for bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular with customers looking for ways to upgrade their plain interiors. Whichever mode of home décor you have, and wherever you want to install coving mouldings, we can offer the ideal solution. Filter by style below to find traditional or contemporary designs.

We’re sure you’ll find the ideal moulding design to suit your aesthetic preferences and budget from our extensive collection of coving and cornicing. Each one of the distinctive designs we provide can effortlessly uplift your bland interiors, adding a classy and characterful finishing touch to any room in a surprisingly cost-effective way.

If you need some extra help selecting cornice mouldings or calculating measurements for a specific product, please get in touch with our team by emailing us at You can also provide your phone number if you would prefer us to give you a call back, and a team member will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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