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Shop the range of superior pocket door systems for wood and metal stud walls and solid walls with a wide range of size options.

Introducing our exceptional range of pocket door hardware systems, designed to revolutionise your interior spaces with style, convenience, and functionality. Whether you're seeking single pocket door hardware systems or double pocket door hardware systems, we offer a comprehensive selection to suit your specific needs.

What sets the pocket door hardware systems apart is their uncompromising quality and versatility. The high-quality hardware can be paired with an array of different-sized doors and frame sizes, accommodating various wall thicknesses. Whether you're working with timber studwalls or metal studwalls, the systems seamlessly integrate to create a flawless aesthetic and maximise space utilisation.

One of the standout features of the pocket door hardware systems is the unparalleled ease of installation. We understand the value of time and resources, which is why we offer systems that are designed for quick and efficient assembly. With a simple click-together mechanism, installation becomes a breeze, saving you precious time and money.


Introducing the Eclisse Pocket Door Hardware System: Where Style Meets Functionality!

Are you tired of traditional swinging doors that constantly impede your space, hindering your interior design dreams? Say goodbye to clunky hinges and welcome the sleek innovation of the Eclisse Pocket Door Hardware System! Designed with your convenience in mind, this revolutionary system transforms your living space, taking it to a whole new level of elegance and practicality.

Unleash the Hidden Potential of Your Space: The Eclisse Pocket Door Hardware System liberates your home from the limitations of conventional doors. By seamlessly sliding into the wall cavity, it opens up a world of possibilities, maximising every inch of your living area. Embrace the freedom to reconfigure your space with ease, allowing for a flexible and dynamic environment tailored to your needs.

Impeccable Style and Seamless Integration: With its refined aesthetics and minimalist design, the Eclisse Pocket Door Hardware System is a true showstopper. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it effortlessly blends into any decor, enhancing the overall ambience of your home. Whether you prefer a modern, industrial, or traditional style, this system adds a touch of sophistication, elevating your interior design to new heights.

Looking for doors to work with these pocket door systems?

We have a beautiful collection of doors available on our online shop, and there are a few of these that can work seamlessly with the pocket door hardware systems. Check out our dedicated range of doors that will work with the ECLISSE pocket door hardware systems here:

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Product Attributes & Benefits

5 reasons to use a pocket door hardware system
  1. Space Optimisation: The pocket hardware door system eliminates the need for swing clearance, saving precious square footage and allowing for more functional room layouts.
  2. Enhanced Privacy: Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, the pocket door effortlessly glides into place, ensuring privacy whenever you desire.
  3. Smooth Operation: Equipped with advanced track and roller mechanisms, the Eclisse system guarantees a whisper-quiet, effortless operation every time, without any annoying squeaks or rattles.
  4. Versatile Applications: Whether it's dividing a room, creating a cozy nook, or concealing a utility area, the Eclisse Pocket Door Hardware System is your versatile solution, providing endless possibilities for transforming your space.
  5. Seamless Integration: The system accommodates various door materials, allowing you to choose from a wide range of finishes, including glass, wood, or even custom options, ensuring a seamless match with your existing decor.
Sliding pocket doors offer a space-saving and stylish solution

Sliding pocket doors are a perfect space-saving alternative to a traditional hinged door for downstairs toilets, utility rooms, bathrooms, en-suites, storerooms and pantries, walk-in wardrobes, in fact they are ideal for any room where you wish to maximise the usable floor space in a property. Just add your own 35 or 44mm door panel, 12.5mm standard plasterboard and decorative architrave for a perfectly finished pocket door

Why is the Eclisse pocket door superior?

The Eclisse pocket door hardware system offers several features and advantages that make it stand out as a superior option compared to other pocket door hardware systems on the market.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Smooth and silent operation: The Eclisse pocket door hardware system is known for its smooth and silent operation. It utilises a patented track and carriage system that ensures effortless sliding of the door without any noise or friction. This feature enhances the overall user experience and eliminates the annoyance of door rattling or sticking.

2. Space-saving design: One of the primary advantages of pocket door hardware systems is their ability to save space. The Eclisse classic system takes this concept to the next level by providing a truly flush finish when the door is fully open. This maximises usable floor and wall space by eliminating the need for door swings, allowing for better furniture arrangement and an overall more open feel to the room.

3. High-quality construction: The Eclisse pocket door hardware system is built with durability and longevity in mind. It is crafted from premium-grade materials, such as galvanised steel, ensuring excellent structural integrity. The system undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent quality standards, resulting in a reliable and robust product that can withstand regular use over an extended period.

4. Versatile installation options: The Eclisse classic system offers versatility in terms of installation. It can be easily integrated into both new construction projects and existing spaces during renovations. The system is available in various sizes, allowing for customisation to fit different door widths and heights. Additionally, it supports different wall types, such as stud, solid, and plasterboard walls, ensuring compatibility with a options for wall thickness.

5. Easy installation and maintenance: Installing the Eclisse classic pocket door hardware system is relatively straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions. The system's pre-assembled components and click together system make it easier for installers to achieve precise alignment and quick and straight forward installation. Furthermore, the system requires minimal maintenance, with no need for regular lubrication or adjustments, reducing long-term upkeep costs.

6. Aesthetically pleasing finish: The Eclisse classic system offers a clean and seamless aesthetic when the door is closed, with no visible hinges or hardware on the face of the door. This allows for a more modern and minimalist look, providing a sophisticated touch to any interior design scheme. The system also supports a wide range of door materials, finishes, and designs, enabling customisation to suit various decor preferences.

Overall, the Eclisse pocket door hardware system distinguishes itself as a superior option due to its smooth and silent operation, space-saving design, high-quality construction, quick and easy installation and maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing finish. These features collectively contribute to a highly functional and visually appealing pocket door hardware system for both residential and commercial applications.

Can the rollers come off the track?

The pocket door hardware systems have been meticulously engineered to guarantee a smooth and quiet operation every time. Eclisse, the manufacturers have taken great care to ensure that the rollers never come off the track, providing a seamless sliding motion that enhances the overall user experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of jammed or misaligned doors - our systems are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

What is wire ready?

The Wire Ready Classic and Flush Pocket Door Hardware Systems represent a remarkable fusion of innovation and aesthetics in the realm of interior design and architecture. These cutting-edge solutions redefine the concept of space optimization while maintaining an unobtrusive and sophisticated appearance.

The "Wire Ready" feature sets these pocket door hardware systems apart from traditional counterparts. It anticipates the modern need for smart home integration and seamless connectivity. Designed with concealed channels for wiring and technology infrastructure, the Wire Ready system allows for the effortless incorporation of automation, lighting, audiovisual, and security systems within the door frame. This ensures that the technology blends harmoniously with the room, free from visible wires and bulky installations.

Wire Ready Classic and Flush Pocket Door Hardware Systems are not only about innovation but also about practicality. By enabling easy installation and customisation, these systems cater to diverse design preferences and spatial requirements. The Wire Ready feature future-proofs living and working spaces, accommodating the ever-growing demand for integrated technology without compromising on the clean and polished aesthetic that Eclisse is renowned for.

In essence, Wire Ready Classic and Flush Pocket Door Hardware Systems encapsulate the evolution of interior design by seamlessly blending smart home technology with the timeless appeal of concealed, functional doors. They stand as a testament to Eclisse's commitment to pushing boundaries, transforming spaces, and enhancing the way we interact with our surroundings.

What is the different between classic vs flush?

Classic Pocket Door:

The Classic variant of the pocket door hardware system encapsulates the essence of timeless elegance. It is carefully crafted to seamlessly connect spaces while maintaining a sense of continuity and flow. One of its standout features is its smooth operation, ensuring that the door effortlessly glides open and closed, eliminating any abrupt disruptions in the room's ambiance.

With a discreet profile, the Classic system allows the door to elegantly blend into its surroundings, complementing a wide array of architectural styles. Whether it's a traditional setting exuding vintage charm or a contemporary environment showcasing modern aesthetics, the Classic Pocket Door variant harmoniously integrates, enhancing the overall functionality and visual appeal of the space.

Flush Pocket Door

For those who gravitate towards the epitome of sleek sophistication, the Flush Pocket Door Hardware System is a game-changer. This design takes minimalism to new heights by embedding the door entirely into the wall, leaving no visible traces of hardware or mechanisms. The result is a truly uninterrupted surface that resonates with modern minimalism.

By eliminating any visible hardware or protrusions, the Flush system achieves a level of visual integration that is a rarity in interior door solutions. This unique design approach not only emphasises the clean lines and contemporary aesthetics of the space but also creates a sense of openness, making the room feel more expansive and uncluttered.

The Flush Pocket Door offers a bold departure from traditional door designs, embracing the notion that less is more. Its ability to blend seamlessly with walls brings a level of sophistication that speaks volumes about the commitment to both form and function. This option is a statement piece in itself, transforming interior spaces into showcases of modern design sensibilities.

In summary, the Classic Pocket Door celebrates timeless elegance, offering smooth operation and an unobtrusive profile that suits various architectural styles. On the other hand, the Flush Pocket Door embraces modern minimalism by embedding the door into the wall, showcasing an unparalleled level of visual integration. Whether choosing Classic for its versatile charm or Flush for its bold contemporary aesthetic, both variants of Pocket Door Hardware Systems redefine the way we perceive interior doors, elevating them into integral components of interior design excellence.

Information & Technical Specifications

What is included in the pocket door kit?

A Galvanised steel frame

A strong and quick-click frame that assembles into a complete unit comprising of a full pocket and a track.


Tested to 100,000 cycles (that’s around 25 years of average use!) 

Extractable Track

The track can be extracted without having to break into the wall.

Front and rear door stop

Can be adjusted to determine how far the door protrudes from the pocket. 

Metal anti-warp door profile

Slots into a channel in underside of door. Not visible but ensures that if your door warps it continues to slide smoothly.

Self centering door guide

Clicks into frame, doesn't screw into the floor, so it is perfectly centred every time.


Even the screws to attach the plasterboard to the frame are included.

Jamb kit

Comes complete with jamb kit made with a beechwood veneer* that is unfinished and paint/stain ready. The jamb kit includes dust brushes and recessed door post with integral bumpers for a professional finish. 

Download PDF detailing the parts in detail.


Optional Accessories that are not included that you might want to add on.

Soft Close with anti-slam

- Bi-directional Soft Close with anti slam

Self Closing Mechanism

Is the door supplied with the kit?

The pocket door hardware system itself does not come with a door included. Instead, it is designed to accommodate a standard UK or ROI door panel size. This means that you can use any door panel that conforms to the specified dimensions, allowing for flexibility in choosing the style, material, and design that best suits your interior aesthetic.

The advantage of not including the door with the pocket door hardware system is that it allows homeowners or interior designers to have more control over the overall look and feel of the space. By offering a separate pocket door hardware system and a range of internal doors, customers have the freedom to select a door that perfectly complements their interior decor, choose from different finishes and styles of solid wooden door, that suits their taste.

LLCompany is proud to offer an exclusive range of beautiful and quality doors, which includes a range that are designed to work with the Eclisse pocket door hardware system, ensuring smooth operation and a cohesive appearance.

Shop here for pocket doors.

What is a jamb kit?

A jamb kit is a component within the pocket door hardware systems that is used to cover the gap between the door frame and the wall, enhancing the overall appearance of the doorway. Download PDF explanation.

Eclisse provide a jamb kit (timber lining kit) with the Classic pocket door hardware systems, which will then require finishing off with architrave. Please note that not all pocket door suppliers offer a professional jamb kit with their products.

Key information about the jamb kits:

  • The jamb kit is a timber lining kit attached to the pocket door framework, covering the edges of the door when closed to hide the top and the pocket.
  • Jamb kits are only supplied with the Classic styles and are not required for the Syntesis Flush Collection.
  • We do not supply the final decorative architrave. If you are looking for a door architrave, please click the link here to discover our range. Door Architraves
How to determine your frame/door panel size?

The pocket door hardware systems come in standard overall frame sizes designed to perfectly fit a wide range of standard door panel sizes. Our technical specs give you all the information you need to decide on your choice of frame. You need to make sure you have enough overall space to build the stud work to accommodate and install the overall frame. You can then look at the range of overall frame sizes that will fit into the space you have available and the technical spec will tell you the door panel sizes that the different frames will accommodate.

Technical Specs:

Classic Pocket Door System:

Single | Double

Classic Wire - Ready:

Single | Double

Studwork Information

Studwork Information

When you choose an ECLISSE pocket door system the first thing to consider is matching your stud thickness to the right ECLISSE pocket door thickness and the table below shows you how to do this. Why are you looking to match it up? Because when it matches up, plaster boarding the pocket and the rest of the wall is as quick and easy as it possibly can be.

We recommend that you use either timber or metal stud in the table below. These are the most readily available stud work sizes and to make life easier we make frames to match.

Timber Stud

Nominal Size

Actual Dimensions

Best Fit Eclisse Pocket Door System

Assemble frame to:

Plasterboard option for the pocket and for the stud work

CLS- Canadian Lumber Standard

3” x 2” / 75 x 50mm

63 x 38mm

95mm finished wall thickness

70mm pocket thickness




4” x 2” / 100 x 50mm

89 x 38mm

115mm finished wall thickness

90mm pocket thickness



Scant/ construction timber

3” x 2” / 75 x 50mm

69/70 x 47*mm

95mm finished wall thickness

70mm pocket thickness



4” x 2” / 100 x 50mm

94/95 x 47*mm

125mm finished wall thickness

100mm pocket thickness




*This dimension can vary 

Click here to see full version of this table including metal stud and more options for plaster boarding as well as double boarding


Technical Information

Technical Information:

Door Panel Weight: 100kg

Door Thickness: 35 - 44mm

Finished wall thickness options: 95mm, 100mm, 115mm, 125mm or 140mm (90mm frame double boarded)

System type: For use with timber doors


Classic Pocket Door System:

Classic Pocket Door System + wire ready:

Installation Instructions

Classic Single/Double Pocket Door System:

Classic Single/Double Pocket Door System + wire ready:



1-2 working days for deliveries in UK mainland

For delivery to islands, Highlands, N Ireland and ROI please get in touch with us. info@llcompany.co.uk


Wire Ready Kits have lead-time from placing an order is 4-6 weeks.

Small items such as handles are sent by Royal Mail and so may take 2-3 days to arrive.

Classic Pocket door | FRAME THICKNESS | 75mm - 100mm

Installation Instructions

It is straightforward and easy to install a Classic Single Pocket Door System. This video will show you how. The Classic Single Pocket Door System can assemble to create a 75mm thick frame or a 100mm frame, for information on how to change the thickness of the frame please see the instructions

Classic Pocket door | FRAME THICKNESS | MORE THAN 100mm

Installation Instructions

Assembling the frame to the wider pocket thickness i.e. 100mm or 95mm for finished wall thickness 125mm and 115mm respectively using the extension brackets

All Pocket Door Technical Specifications