Mezzanine Ladders

Our range of mezzanine ladders are both a practical and stylish way to access an office, extra bedroom or storage area on a mezzanine floor. Make space for that cinema room, playroom, kids study area or man cave that you’ve been craving and add a stylish design feature to your interior at the same time. The trend for versatility at home is set to continue with multi-purpose spaces that improve our day to day living. Converting that under-used loft space will prove to be a savvy investment - accessed by a safe and stylish mezzanine ladder, you can enjoy the extra space it provides.  

Our mezzanine ladders are built to last and with safety in mind. The hinge mounts at the top of the ladder are fixed in place for maximum safety and paired with rubberised feet at the foot of the ladder offering extra grip regardless of the type of flooring. For an additional cost you can add handrails to the side of the ladder and grip tread on the steps. Make use of the clever stowaway feature for storing your ladder vertically when not in use.

These access ladders do not roll along a rail, but are fixed in place for maximum safety. If you are curious to find out more about our rolling library ladder systems click here.

Available in solid oak,maple and walnut finishes they are delivered in a raw state ready for you to paint or stain to match the rest of your interior or joinery. Our mezzanine ladders are made-to-measure to fit your exact height requirements and specification. Simply use our online ladder builder tool which will guide you through each step to design and deliver your ideal mezzanine ladder.

Please use the tabs below to learn more about the ladder and hardware options to help you build your ladder order.

The hardware

The mezzanine/loft ladder hinge mount is a fixed plate that you install on the vertical wall.

The hinge securely attaches your ladder to the wall and has a clever inbuilt slider mechanism that allows you to stow the ladder in a vertical position when not in use. When you want to climb the ladder you simply lift the ladder out into the angled climbing position and you are ready to alight.

The hardware at the bottom of the ladder supports and fixes snuggly to the timber with a rubberized sole for extra grip.

Non-slip ladder feet

The Ladder Height

Each mezzanine ladder is made to measure and therefore we can accomodate any mezzanine floor height up to 14ft.

Simply choose the height bracket that your height sits within (i.e 6ft-8ft) and then tell us the exact height of your mezzanine when you place your order.

The measurement you need to give to us is taken from the floor level of the lower floor, straight up the wall to the top edge of the floor above.


Available in solid oak,maple and walnut finishes the ladders are delivered in a raw unassembled state ready for you to paint or stain to match the rest of your interior or joinery.


  1. Can your mezzanine ladders be used as loft ladders?

The fixing mount at the top of the mezzanine ladder needs a vertical wall to fix to. This means that you can use the ladder as a loft ladder, however the ceiling hatch will need to be right next to the wall where the ladder is fixed at the top.

  1. Can a rolling library ladder be used as a mezzanine ladder?

The range of rolling library ladders are frequently used by customers to access mezzanine floors. Customers opt for a rolling library ladder when they want to roll the ladder along a rail to a desired location to gain access to the mezzanine floor and then roll it back again when not in use. The standard library ladders come with a hand grab rung at the top of the ladder, so if you intend to use the ladder to access a mezzanine area you need to be aware that this hand rung could be a trip hazard. You could opt to not fit the hand rung/rail when you assemble your ladder. Or if you purchase a made to measure ladder we can remove this rung from your ladder all together if you let us know you want to use it as a mezzanine ladder.

  1. How do I measure my mezzanine floor height?

To measure your mezzanine floor you will need to take a tape measure from your finished floor on the lower level, straight up the wall, to the top of your finished floor level of the mezzanine.

  1. Can the ladder be stowed vertically?

Yes, the mount at the top of your mezzanine ladder has a hinge that allows you to move the ladder into a vertical stowed away position. Perfect when space is at a premium. When you want to climb the ladder you lift it into the angled climbing position ready for flight.

  1. What is the delivery lead-time

All the mezzanine ladders are made to order and therefore the standard lead-time for manufacture is approximately 6 weeks.

  1. How do I order my mezzanine ladder?

Use our online mezzanine ladder builder which will guide you step by step to design and deliver your ideal ladder.