Floating Secret Shelf

Space saving & concealed storage.

Introducing the innovative Floating Secret Shelf collection, where practicality seamlessly meets fascination. Elevate your space with the chic Floating Secret Shelf and the versatile Floating Secret Shelf hardware kit, discreetly concealing a hidden compartment in any room. Meticulously crafted for precision and designed for both aesthetics and utility, these shelves offer a contemporary storage solution.

With its streamlined design, concealed storage, and space-efficient features, the Floating Secret Shelf collection embodies modern sophistication and is perfect for those seeking a stylish and practical storage solution. Transform your living space with these captivating shelves that not only organise your belongings but also bring an air of refinement to your decor. Elevate your home with the perfect fusion of style and covert storage.

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Discover the Floating Secret Shelf's sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional safes, providing a sophisticated way to store items like jewellery, watches, passports, and more. Access is granted with a stylish key fob or keycard, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your storage experience. Explore our Floating Secret Shelf collection for a modern, stylish, and secure solution to your storage needs.

Floating Secret Shelf FAQs

Can I install the floating shelf myself, or do I need professional help?

Both products are designed for easy DIY installation. The kits come with comprehensive instructions, making it accessible for most users.

What tools will I need for installation?

The kits typically require common household tools such as a drill, screwdriver, and measuring tape. Check the specific product manual for detailed requirements.

Can I paint or stain the floating shelf to match my decor?

The Red Oak Unfinished Secret Floating Shelf intentionally comes unfinished, allowing you the flexibility to apply your preferred finish. The DIY kit also allows you to choose your wood, providing

How does the Floating Secret Shelf work?

The Floating Secret Shelf is designed to mount on walls and features a concealed compartment. Access to the hidden storage is granted through a sleek key fob or keycard, providing a contemporary and secure storage experience.

Can the Floating Secret Shelf be installed in any room?

Yes, the versatile design of the Floating Secret Shelf allows it to seamlessly integrate into any room, adding a touch of modern sophistication while discreetly providing storage space.

What items can be stored in the hidden compartment of the Floating Secret Shelf?

The Floating Secret Shelf is ideal for storing a variety of items such as jewellery, watches, passports, and other valuables, offering a sleek and contemporary alternative to traditional safes.

Is the Floating Secret Shelf secure?

Yes, the collection is designed with security in mind. The concealed storage is accessed through a secure key fob or keycard, providing peace of mind for the safety of your belongings.