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What is Wainscoting?

Wainscoting, a decorative and functional system, incorporates elements like V-groove panels and Tongue and groove panelling. This traditional design concept, which gained popularity in the 18th century, transitioned from floor-to-ceiling panelling to covering only the lower half of walls. Originally valued for its functional aspects, such as providing interior protection and insulation against damp and cold stone walls, modern homeowners often opt for wainscoting primarily for its visual appeal. This approach combines wood panels, dado rail, picture rail, moulding, and the craftsmanship of V-groove and Tongue and groove panelling to enhance interior aesthetics.

Wainscoting with Panels

Wainscoting Wall Panelling - No. 147

This traditional wainscoting panel is similar to V-Groove panels as it features flat moldings that interlock to create vertical wainscoting. You can customise its height by cutting the length, and it seamlessly connects for a smooth finish. It pairs well with a No.169 dado rail and your preferred skirting.

Wall Panel No.109 - Valleys

Wall panel No.109 Valleys is one of the most popular panels in our 3D Wall Covering collection. This beautiful wall panel has a linear fluted panel design which works seamlessly into both traditional settings and more contemporary interior styles. The repetitive scalloped wall panel detailing is reminiscent of traditional style v groove wainscoting but has modern proportions and design.

This versatile wall panel is the ideal choice for half height wall panelling.

Wall Panel No.116 - Bars XL

The 'Bar' Panel No.116 XL, part of the 3D Wall Covering collection, closely resembles tongue and groove panelling in both function and aesthetics. Inspired by the No.111 Bars Wall panel, this extra-large version of slatted detailing can be cut into two sections and installed above skirting boards to achieve a wainscotting effect, reminiscent of the traditional use of tongue and groove panelling. To enhance the visual appeal, you can trim it with our No.190 moulding, specially designed for LED lighting, highlighting the seamless slat details.

Wainscoting with Mouldings

Skirting/Coving/Panelling - Small - No.182

Moulding No.182 is a contemporary style, small plain skirting board.  This lightweight skirting is one of our smallest and plainest profiles and is part of our ‘Cascade’ multifunctional mouldings.  This is a multi-functional moulding which means that it can be used as a dado rail, wall panelling, door architrave, skirting board or coving.  The possibilities are endless. 

Skirting/Moulding/Ceiling No.194 (Small)

The No.194 skirting board/moulding is a plain minimalist skirting or wall moulding. This versatile moulding design means that it can be used as skirting, wall moulding or for ceiling details. Ideally suited to modern properties which are being decorated in a contemporary “uncluttered” style, this sleek and simple design fits perfectly.

Skirting/Coving/Panelling - Medium - No.157

No.157 mouldings is one of our multi-functional mouldings which means that it can be used as a dado rail, wall panelling, door architrave, skirting board or coving.  The possibilities are endless.

This moulding is so versatile for creating half height wall panelling especially if you are looking at a wainscoting design.

Dado Rails

Door & Dado Moulding - No.174

This medium sized moulding has traditional detailing that gives it great character that will work seamlessly as dado rail or door architrave.  No.174 is from our range of lightweight products and is a classic size and style which would suit most homes.  It features a flat top with curved profile and it is perfect for use in both modern built and traditional styled homes. It can be used as a dado rail, picture rail, door architrave, window architrave.

Dado / Wall Moulding - No. 169

Moulding No. 169 is a rounded profile, plain, lightweight dado rail.  This plain dado rail features a totally rounded profile and has a chamfered section at the bottom to allow you to use along with our vertical wainscoting wall panelling No.147

Wall Moulding - No. 7070

The No.7070 Wall Moulding is an Art Deco style, lightweight dado rail / panel moulding.  It features a stepped profile which can suit both Art Deco styled homes or contemporary properties.   It can be used as a decorative dado rail, a ceiling astragal or use to create chunky panels on your wall.  These mouldings are so easy to cut and mitres can be formed using our FB13 mitre box.


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