Coming Soon.... our first range of door handles.

We are excited to add to our exclusive range of interiors products with a brand new collection of contemporary door handles. Update kitchen cupboards, wardrobe doors or a chest of drawers with the finest decorative hardware.

The new collection captures English elegance, luxury and mid-century design. Hammered, scratched and polished metal surfaces present an array of unique finishes in bold designs. Each and every handle is a one-off handmade piece and a work of art in its own right. Invest in a timeless detail that will never go out of fashion.

Handcrafted in the UK, ironmongery is taken to a whole new level, elevating brass, bronze and stainless steel into something ultra refined. Stylish, luxury knobs, bar, pull and half moon handles are available in a range of textured finishes and shapes to compliment your scheme.

With every touch, the handles continue to patinate and develop with age; something known as a ‘living finish’. Stainless steel handles are available in three finishes; matt, semi-gloss and full gloss.

Update Kitchen Cupboards with the Hammered Long Door Pull

Long hammered Pull handle from LL Company

Available in eight finishes, the Hammered Long Door Pull is an elegant pull bar handle which is pleasingly tactile. Two different lengths can be used alongside each other (12 x 150mm or 12 x 250mm) when designing or updating your kitchen cupboards.

Ergonomically designed to ‘feel right’ when pulled means that you will delight in using them every single day!

Update your Wardrobe Doors with our Half Moon Handles

Half Moon door handles from LL Company

A pair of half-moon door handles that will instantly provide a focal point in a bedroom when used on wardrobe doors. The finish and patina of each handle is completely unique, so you will get a great deal of pleasure from your ‘one-off’ design piece.

Hang as a single semi-circle or as a pair on double doors to create a complete circle when closed. The metallic finishes look opulent and luxurious against a dark or stained wood.

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Half Moon handles from LL Company

Above: Pinterest half moon handles inspiration image 

Update your chest of drawers or desk with our Drop Pull Handles

Drop Pull handles from LL Company

You can relish in the fact that no-one else you know will have these new Drop Pull handles!

Handcrafted in Somerset by master craftsmen, these delicate and tactile pull-handles are perfect for updating your desk or chest of drawers. Available in eight finishes, the rectangle is 65 x 22mm, the square and circle are 45 x 30mm so they are minimalist in every sense!

Your finger marks will create a beautiful patination over time (unless you want to polish them back to life or if you have chosen the high gloss stainless steel finish) and they’ll just get better and better!

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Update your sitting room or dining room doors with our Hammered Rectangle Door Pull

Hammered rectangle door pull handles from LL Company

Now for something ultra-contemporary and chic, the Hammered Rectangle Door Pull handles (super sleek in a smooth or undulating finish) shown here in high gloss stainless steel, and available in 7 other finishes.

Sizes vary from 80 x 40mm to 150 x 75mm depending on the size of your doors and the desired impact. Use as a single handle or as a pair to create a bold square when used on closed double doors.

We suggest going big and bold against a contemporary double door – these handles will help you to make an entrance!

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Want to know more?

If you would like some more information about our new range of handles, please send us an email here.

The new collection will be available to buy online from May.

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