Introducing theInterior Decor Range

We are proud to present a brand new range of luxury decorative room and wall mouldings for interior spaces.

Choose from our extensive selection of high quality SkirtingsCoving & Cornice MouldingWall Mouldings, pre-moulded Wall Panels and Ceiling Rose' to create your dream interior.

If you want to furnish your walls and ceilings with beautifully designed, high quality and innovative detailing we are the place for you. Whether you are looking for a contemporary skirting to finish off your walls, or grand shaker style panelling for your living room we have products to suit a range of styles, homes and rooms.

We can help with pairing products together for a room or create a scheme for your whole house. By guiding you through the options, advising on the best products for your space we can create a tailored quotation for your home or your project. Tell us about your project.

Looking for a quick guide to pairing products? We have already done the hard-work for you and paired the perfect products together into style names from Heritage, Noblesse, Manoir & Ba'rock.

The Products

With ideal proportions and timeless beauty, the interior decor range appeals to home lovers and designers alike.In the world of interiors and architecture people have spent centuries striving for perfection which has resulted in numerous classic designs and styling.These traditions inspires us, even today, because every interior tells its own story.We love to use the phrase 'Tradition Reinvented' as this perfectly sums up the marriage of traditional design styling and smart, state-of-the-art product design.The high degree of finishing, excellent service and a lifetime product warranty* ensure a worry-free and beautiful result.

New Classics Concepts


Imagine yourself in an nineteenth century manor hone, living in a space full of large intricate cornice mouldings that emphasise the height of your rooms. A space where rich hues and ornate wainscoting come together in perfect harmony.

A classic interior traditionally combines floor, wall and ceiling ornaments.


An ensemble of traditional elements in fresh colours. Elegance at its finest. Each element is carefully constructed to ensure the walls merge with the ceiling and vice versa.

Discover how the clever use of skirting boards and door frame imparts this space with a dignified appearance.


Use weathered materials and earthy colours to create a warm, welcoming home. A nod to the idyllic lifestyle of 18th century French nobility. This soft delicate look infuses your interior with heart-warming nostalgia. Honest and authentic.

A classic interior traditionally combines......


Want a little more oomph?

Ba'rock makes use of ornately adored profiles for an opulent, trendy interior. Maximalism at its finest.

Because more is more!

Pre-made Shaker Wall Panels

Effortless grandeur....

Do you like tall wainscoting and want to get going fast?

These pre-fabricated panels can be mounted directly to the wall without any prep work. Add a contemporary nod with a line of LEDs.

The large image shows panel No.121, which has been spaced out on the wall to create a framed look.

Coving & Cornice

Cornice moulding are an architectural moulding used in the corner of rooms where the walls meets the ceiling. Traditional period houses tend to have cornice mouldings and they are great for adding decorative detailing and that designer feel to your room.Adding a cornice profile will create a subtle change that will visually transform the room. Choose from our range of simple cornices through to large and detailed cornices to give your room some designer flair.

Wall Mouldings

Make flat walls come to life using “wallscaping” with our extensive wall moulding range. Whether you want to add a dado rail or create attractive panelling frames on your walls or ceilings our collection of wall mouldings create a charming and authentic finish.

There are mouldings to suit Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Arts & Crafts properties as well as simplistic mouldings for modern built homes.  


Skirting boards are an architectural moulding used at the bottom of a wall where the wall meets the flooring. Most homes including traditional and modern will have some sort of skirting board as it hides gaps at the edge of flooring as well as adding a decorative detailing to a room.

Adding skirting to your room will add a visual detail all the way around the bottom of your walls creating a feeling of space and a finishing touch. The larger the skirting the bigger the impact.

Ceiling Rose

Ceiling roses are a have must for any room with a cornice or coving. This luxury ceiling rose collection has sizes and styles to suit every home from large, period properties as well as simpler modern built homes.These ceiling roses have been designed to complement the range of covings and cornices also on offer and are made in a high quality polyurethane material.