Corner Rolling Ladders

If you are looking for the ultimate in premium design them look no further than the 'swivel rolling' hardware. This hardware pairs rollers on the top of the ladder with wheels on the bottom of the ladder. The clever rollers at the top of the ladder allow you to roll the ladder effortlessly from side to side and when you want to roll your ladder around the curved corner rail you simply lift it and roll it around.

A great reason to choose this type of hardware is so you can create a continuous rail around your room using the 90 degree curved corner rails.

Recommended places to use this ladder hardware include; L Shaped Bookcases, Wine Rooms, Pantries or Larder Rooms, Restaurants and Bars.


With this rolling hardware you will be able to roll your ladder effortless along the rail with as little as one finger

This hardware type allows you to roll your ladder around a curved corner, meaning you can have one continuous rail around your room.

The rollers glide along the rail and take into consideration any changes in floor height.

You can stow the ladder in a vertical position

Can be paired with any ladder height between 5ft - 13ft.

Things to consider when using this hardware

This hardware only comes in a matt black colour.

You cannot remove the ladder from the rail, so if you need to move the ladder from one rail to another in a different location we suggest using Rolling Hook Hardware instead.

You will need x2 brackets per curved corner rail and x2 rail joining kits, one for each end of the rail to join to your straight rails.

You will need to lift the ladder in order to roll it around the corner.

Get a Price - Use Our Easy Online Builder

To order your ladder you can use our easy to use bundle builder where you can select different sizes, hardware types and colour options to build the perfect ladder for your project and get an instant price online.

If you want to purchase individual components/spares please follow the link to shop the ladder and hardware components separately.

The Ladders & Height Options

Our high quality library ladders are manufactured from 19mm solid timber and have beautifully crafted detailing from top to bottom, from chamfered corners and rounded edges and a wood turned grab rung at the top.

Choose from our range of standard height ladders for the most cost effective way to purchase or if you can't make any of the standard ladders work we can offer a made to measure service. For the made to measure service you need to tell us the height you want to mount the rail that your ladder will slide along. (From the floor to the centre of the rail)

Ladder Height Rail Height (from floor to the rail centre)

7ft ladder

8ft ladder

9ft ladder

10ft ladder





The 'Build your Ladder Order' builder below allows you to select your ladder and the wood type that you would like and automatically adds in the fixings and ladder support rods. The ladder support rods are a fixing bar that sits underneath each of the ladder steps to create a more safe and secure ladder.
Made to measure ladders

3ft - 5ft (refers to the side length of the ladders)

6ft - 8ft (refers to the side length of the ladders)

9ft - 11ft (refers to the side length of the ladders)

12ft - 14ft (refers to the side length of the ladders)

How does the ladder arrive?
All of the ladders arrive unassembled and unfinished ready for you to apply a paint or stain onto your new ladder to match the rest of your interior or joinery.Text

The Rails

The ladder rails/poles are what your ladder will hook onto and/or roll along. They are high quality and made from 25mm solid aluminium (not hollow).
The ladder rails are supplied in 6ft (1828mm) and 8ft (2438mm) lengths along with a 90 degree curved corner rail which can be all be joined together (with a joining kit) to make longer runs of rails or you can cut them down on-site to create the perfect size for your space. The rails are held up by rail brackets and finishes at each end with a rail end cap.
Your Ladder Order builder allows you to select the overall running length of rail that you need and it will automatically add the correct amount of rails, joining kits, rail brackets and rail end caps that you will need for each run of rail.

Product Dimensions & Installation Instructions

If you are looking to learn more information about the ladders, we have downloadable pdf brochures for how to order, technical information about product sizes and installation instructions.

Use this button to take you to the brochures page.

Ladder blog

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