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Full Height
Wall Panelling

with wall panelling and mouldings

Interior wall panel with a decorative design, adding texture and style to the room. Pre-primed for easy painting in custom colours. Lightweight and easy to install. Perfect for concealing uneven surfaces and adding durability to high-traffic areas. Available in a variety of styles to suit any interior design, from classic to modern.
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Update your space

If you have visions of a beautiful interior that is not only bang up to date with modern design but has an element of longevity that can’t be found anywhere else, then you must consider full wall panelling.

They can truly make your design one that stands out from the rest and give it an appeal that you will never get tired looking at. It can help provide that overriding feeling that you want to accomplish from a room. If you are set on a colourway, finish or pattern then this way of decorating your wall is sure to be that show stopping completion to the décor of your dreams.

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