Rolling Ladders

If you are looking for beauty, elegance and functionality, this is the type of ladder for you. The classic rolling hardware design has two rollers at the top of the ladder which allow the ladder to glide quietly and smoothly every time. The top rollers are paired with the wheels on the bottom of the ladder to create an effortless roll from side to side - you will only need to use one finger to roll it. The wheels at the bottom have been designed with safety in mind and there is an automatic brake which is applied when you stand on the ladder giving you extra security. To make sure your ladder can be neatly stowed out of the way when it is not in use there is an inbuilt mechanism to allow the ladder to be stowed vertically against the wall/joinery.

The rolling ladder is the perfect choice for one long continuous run such as a bookcase, one side of a kitchen or wardrobes. The effortless rolling motion is ideal if you intend to use your ladder regularly.

Recommended places to use this ladder hardware include; Bookcases, Tall Kitchen Run, Shelving, Wine Rack, Larder or Pantry Rooms, Restaurants and Bars.


  • With this rolling hardware you will be able to roll your ladder effortless along the rail with as little as one finger.
  • The rollers glide along the rail and take into consideration any changes in floor height.
  • You can stow the ladder in a vertical position
  • The wheels at the bottom of the ladder have built in brakes that are automatically applied when you stand on the ladder.
  • Can be paired with any ladder height between 5ft - 13ft.
Things to consider when using this hardware

You cannot remove the ladder from the rail, so if you need to move the ladder from one rail to another in a different location we suggest using Rolling Hook Hardware instead.

Get a price

To order your ladder you can use our easy to use bundle builder where you can select different sizes, hardware types and colour options to build the perfect ladder for your project and get an instant price online.

Ladder Sizes

The Ladders

Our premium library ladders are expertly crafted from sturdy 19mm solid timber, showcasing exquisite detailing throughout. From chamfered corners and rounded edges to a finely crafted wood-turned grab rung at the top, every detail is meticulously designed.

Choose from our selection of standard height ladders for a cost-effective option. If the standard sizes don't suit your needs, we offer a made-to-measure service. For custom orders, simply specify the height at which you want to mount the rail, measured from the floor to the center of the rail that your ladder will slide along.

Standard/Stocked Ladders

Standard Ladder Height

 Rail Height (from floor to the rail centre)










Bespoke / Made to Measure Ladders

To customise your ladder with our made-to-measure service, simply specify the height at which you want to mount the rail, measured from the floor to the center of the rail that your ladder will slide along. We offer custom height ladders ranging from 3ft to 14ft, this is referring to the side length of the ladder.

The Rails

The ladder rails or poles are an essential component in the ladder kit and your ladder will roll along them. They are made of high-quality 25mm solid aluminum, ensuring durability, as they are not hollow.

These rails are available in 6ft (1828mm) and 8ft (2438mm) lengths, which can be connected using a joining kit to create longer rail runs. Alternatively, you can customise the size after you receive your order by cutting them on-site. Rail brackets support the rails, and each end should be finished with a rail end cap.

To simplify the ordering process, use the Build your Ladder Order builder. It helps you select the right rail length and automatically adds the necessary rails, joining kits, rail brackets, and rail end caps for each rail run. If you are looking for brass hardware - shop here.

Cutting the rails: 

If you need to cut your brass rail during your installation process, we recommend that you wrap the rail with painters’ tape where the cut is to be made, this will minimise the chipping of the paint/plating. Use a fresh-bladed hack saw with a metal cutting blade, and a good quality mitre box. Alternatively, you could use a standard mitre saw with a carbide blade, or a wood cutting blade, again ensuring you use a fresh blade. After cutting, slowly and carefully unwrap the tape.

Important Note: It's important to note that the aluminum rails have a sprayed paint finish (unless plated brass), which may show manufacturing marks caused by hooks used during the spraying process. Once installed, these marks will be hidden from view.

Hardware Colours
Matt Black
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel
The finish on the hardware is a sprayed paint finish and comes in three colours. Matt Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. (Please note the colour names are descriptive regarding the paint colour)


Brushed Brass 

We have recently added Brushed Brass to our range of ladder ironmongery. To shop the Brushed Brass finish - click here. 

Want a sample? Drop us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rolling ladder easy to use?

With the rolling hook hardware type it means that the ladder will have rollers at the top of the ladder and wheels at the bottom. This makes sure that the ladder is extremely easy to use. To roll the ladder along the rail you simply just need to push the ladder along and it will roll effortlessly. You will even be able to roll it with just one finger!

Is there a brake on the wheel?

The wheels are the bottom of the rolling ladder roll smoothly and easily when the ladder is not being mounted. When you want to climb the ladder, simply stand onto the steps and a brake will automatically be applied to the bottom wheels.

*Please note that children may be too lightweight to trigger the brake.

Does the ladder stow away vertically?

You will be able to stow or dock your ladder vertically when not in use by lifting the ladder and stepping towards the wall / cabinetry. The ladder will slide upwards slightly allowing you to tuck the ladder into an upright vertical position. You will still be able to roll your ladder from side to side along the rail in this upright position.

How does the ladder arrive?

The ladders all arrive unassembled and unfinished. You can stain or paint the ladder your desired colour or finish and then you will need a handy person or carpenter to fit your ladder and rails together.