6 Ideas for bedroom feature walls 

Most definitely a trend right now, statements headboards are a must in any well designed master bedroom, guest room or children’s bedroom. Channel luxury boutique hotel style and opt for an oversized feature wall headboard that will bring you joy every single day! Have fun with colour, texture and design for an eye catching focal point. 

Bedrooms should be a place of calm, relaxation and sanctuary where comfort is paramount but never at the expense of style. Headboard height, proximity to your bedside light, a decent bedside table with plenty of space, dimmable overhead lighting, blackout curtains or shutters....there’s a lot to think about in bedroom design to create the optimum night’s sleep.

But you can throw out the rulebook when you’re thinking about headboards – there are no limits to designing a feature wall headboard using our decorative interior mouldings and wall panels



  1. Wall Mouldings to frame your bed

Whether you covet a scalloped, square or upholstered headboard, you should also consider framing it with some decorative wall panelling or decorative interior moulding. Take inspiration from the images below which illustrate how powerful geometric panelling can look in a bedroom. The beauty of it is that you can design something entirely bespoke which will sit beautifully around your headboard and is a luxury in itself.

You can fill the rectangular ‘windows’ with artwork and create your own gallery wall complete with wall lights, reading lights or picture lights for maximum ambience. 

Interior decorative mouldings from LL Company

Interior decorative wall panelling from LL Company

2. Headboards on an angle

Go bold. Go modern. Go....on a slant.

Our range of 3D textured wall panelling can be hung in any direction and these images show how bold you can go for a truly modern (and original) look. Don’t be afraid to paint them in complimentary colour combinations – all of our wall panelling comes primed and ready to get creative! They’re also lightweight so extra easy to experiment with angles and are quick to hang with our recommended adhesive.

Don’t forget that you can also introduce some hidden LED lighting to keep your scheme ultra slick (no need for wall lights!). You can even carry the design into your en-suite bathroom as the panels are water-resistant so they make an ideal splashback and will give continuity to your scheme. 

Panel No. 114 XL by the Library ladder company

Image above shows Panel No. 114 XL Valleys

Wall panel no. 108 from the Library ladder company

Image above shows wall panel No. 108 Zig Zags hung on an angle

Diagonal headboard paint effects LL Company

We are also rather taken with this painted headboard effect too! 

3. Wallpaper Accents

With relatively little to cover, you can splash out on luxurious wallpapers that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Hung inside decorative moulding frames, the effect is super contemporary and can be easily updated with your mood or bedroom scheme. 

Coupled with some other well thought out interior accessories such as decorative interior mouldings, a library ladder to reach those top cupboards in your shelving unit or sliding barn door for the ultimate space saver, you'll make a real style statement. 

So why not elevate the humble headboard and showcase something truly personal and unique about you and your family?  

wallpaper inside wall mouldings from LL Company

4. Shed a little light 

Getting the lighting right is so important, especially in a bedroom. Wall mounted lighting gives you instant overhead illumination, whilst hidden LED's using our coving lighting collection can create lovely subtle mood effects. Coupled with our 3D textured wall panelling, you'll be amazed at the long and interesting shadows formed.  

Textured wall panelling from LL Company


Textured wall panelling from LL Company

Above: Wall Panel No. 110 'Hills' 

Zig Zag wall panelling from LL Company

Image above shows wall panel No. 108 Zig Zags with hidden LED lighting

Textured wall panelling by LL Company

  1. Feature Walls in playrooms and children's bedrooms

There’s no reason why the children should get left out! Add some wow and take a creative leap in the children’s bedrooms and playrooms too. Our 3D wall panelling is perfect to add interest and texture and can be painted into the scheme - the image below shows a fun and practical storage and desk unit designed with our No. 109 wall panel 'Valleys'.  

Children's playroom with textured wall panelling from LL Company

Hills textured wall panel from LL Company

Above wall panelling in a children's bedroom: Hills Wall Panel No.110

  1. Go Tall .... with wall panelling too

Another popular style that’s also trending right now is the super tall headboard with added elegance and grandeur. You could even take your headboard right up to the ceiling for maximum impact. We would suggest using our classic Shaker wall panelling or 3D wall panels which can be hung at all angles and painted in either bold or subtle colours. The ultimate in maximalist. 

Decorative Interior wall mouldings from LL Company

Above image: created using interior decorative wall mouldings

Interior decorative mouldings from LL Company

Above image: Created using our No. 121 Shaker wall panels

Tall wall panelling from LL Company

Above image: Valleys wall panel No. 109

When you need a little extra help

We can help you measure wall panelling or decorative interior mouldings to create your dream headboard, even designing a CAD drawing for 3D visualisation.

Get in touch at info@llcompany.co.uk

February 08, 2022 — Sarah Edmonds

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