Wall Moulding

Create your Bespoke Wall Panelling Design

Using wall mouldings is an excellent way to create stunning wall panelling designs that can add elegance and character to any interior. Whether it's a Victorian mansionEdwardian property or a modern build, wall panelling can enhance the ambiance of any interior. Our collection of wall mouldings is the perfect solution to achieve your desired wall panelling design, and it's cost-effective too! You can emulate any era or personal design aspirations with our wide range of wall mouldings available in various sizesshapes and styles. From small and smooth to finely intricate and sculpted designs, we have something to suit every property type.

Our lightweight decorative mouldings are highly durablewaterproof and primed, making them ready for that final coat of paint. Transform any living space or room with our mouldings, creating an attractive wall finish at a great price. Using our panel mouldings, you can create your own size panels to fit any room, providing you with flexibility to design the wall panelling of your dreams.

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In addition, our dado rails and wall panel mouldings are simple yet impactful additions to any wall or ceiling. Our lightweight dado rails and picture rail panels come in various styles, suitable for both traditional high ceiling and contemporary properties. Choose from our plain, traditionalcontemporary and modern styles to create a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of your room.

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