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Are you looking for a way to create a stylish sliding barn-style door?

The Rolling Door Hardware Range is a high quality, customisable sliding door system that brings a designer element to your home or space. Rather than having a flat panel that the door slides along, this hardware has a solid round rail and high quality rollers that allow your doors to roll smoothly and effortless along the rails every time. 

One of the best things about this range is that you can select style, size and colour options to create the perfect hardware order for your doors and space.

There are six door strap designs that attach to the front of your doors and three colour choices. Simply choose the length of rail that you need and add more rails if you have a wider opening, or simply trim down the rail to be shorter to accommodate smaller openings. If you are using two doors, you need two door straps per door and the central door stop.

With all these options, the possibilities are endless for creating your ideal space and door opening. 

Idea - Why not use this rolling system for TV Media unit doors to conceal a TV behind or create a feature and use the rolling system for a shutter on windows!

*Doors not included. 

Alternatively you can shop components individually here.

Three hardware colour options; Satin Nickel, Matt Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze

Create a rolling kit for any sized door

Create hardware to suit your room, interior and your door

About Quiet Glide

Quiet Glide is the brand name of the fantastic rolling and hook over hardware for doors and ladders.Every part of the Quiet Glide range is manufactured in the USA by American craftsmen and tested 10,000 times to ensure the technology can withstand a lifetime of use

The gliding technology (hence the name quiet glide) houses a patented technology, allowing a beautifully smooth and quiet running mechanism every time.

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If you would like to place an order for delivery outside of Great Britain please send us an email with your full delivery address and details of what you would like to order. We can then generate a quotation for you.

Stock & Delivery Information

Generally, we hold a good stock of the ladder and hardware range and therefore your order should be delivered in a timely manner. If items are in stock then your order will be picked and ready to sent out within two days. The delivery will be on a next day service. Overall the lead-time for delivery is around 5 days.

Occasionally there are delays with some stock items and if there are any delays with your order we will get in touch straight away to let you know. You can then either decide to continue with your order and wait, or request a refund.

Returns & Cancellations

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Product Information

Attributes & Quality

The Quiet Glide products are high quality, perform effortlessly everytime and come with a lifetime guarantee (if fitted correctly).

This rolling barn door range has countless options, allowing you to create hardware to suit your room, interior and your door that you want to roll.

+ Six door strap designs

+ Three hardware colour options; Satin Nickel, Matt Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

+ Create a rail as long or as short as you need.

+ Solid aluminium 25mm diametre rail.

+ Allows you to create a rolling kit for any sized door

+ Option to purchase the hardware components seperately - click here

How to order

The easiest way to order the rolling hardware for your interior door is to use our bundle builder. This will bundle together all of the components you need for your interior door/doors.

1. Door Strap Design

Choose from six designs for your door straps. Door straps are mounted at the top/front of your door and have rollers at the top, which once mounted onto the rail allow your interior door to roll along effortlessly.

2. Colour.

Choose your hardware kit colour, from Matt Black, Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze. These colours are sprayed paint finishes. (Please note the colour names are descriptive regarding the paint colour)

3. Door configuration.

Whether you plan on having a wide opening with double doors or a single door, choose the option to best suit your needs.

4. Door Thickness.

There are two types of bracket that hold up the rail and one is deeper than the other. You need to choose a bracket that accomodates the thickness of your door. Up to 35mm thick or up to 57mm thick.

5. Length of Rail.

The rails/poles are what your door will roll along. They are high quality and made from 25mm solid aluminium (not hollow).The door rails are supplied in 6ft (1828mm) and 8ft (2438mm) lengths which can be joined together (with a joining kit) to make longer runs of rails or you can cut them down on-site to create the perfect size for your space. The rails are held up by rail brackets and finishes at each end with a rail end cap.

The 'Your Rolling Door Hardware Order' builder below allows you to select the overall running length of rail that you need and it will automatically add the correct amount of rails, joining kits, rail brackets and rail end caps that you will need for each run of rail. Whether you want one run of rail or four, please use the below options to select your overall running lengths of rail.

Please note: The aluminium rails have a sprayed paint finish and during manufacture when the rails are sprayed, they are held up using hooks. These hooks cause marking in the paint at regular intervals on the back of the rails. Once the rail is fitted these manufacturing marks will be completely out of sight.

If you want to order the components seperately click here.


What size door do I need?

One of the great things about this rolling door hardware is that there is no set width or opening size for your door. You can trim the rails down to suit your space and accomodate whatever door size that you have. If you have a wider door then you can join the rails together to make them long enough to accommodate. 

What thickness does my door need to be?

The rolling door hardware can accomodate doors up to 35mm thick, or up to 57mm thick.

There are two depths of rail bracket which allow for a thinner door or a thicker door. The deeper bracket holds the door out further from the wall, allowing for a thicker door. The shorter bracket allows for a thinner door and holds it closer to the wall.

What is the maximum door weight?

The rolling door hardware kit has a reliable and sturdy construction that supports a max recommended 250 lbs.

How many brackets do I need to hold up the rail?

It is recommended that there should be a bracket to hold up the rail every 406mm (16inches). Additional brackets may be needed depending on the weight of the door.

Can I fix to rail straight to my wall?

​It is not recommended to mount the rail and brackets directly onto a drywall surface. Always mount these brackets to solid wood, predrilling the holes in the wood is advisable to avoid splitting the wood.

Does the hardware have a warranty?

You should feel completely at ease using a Quiet Glide rolling barn door kit because the components have been tested through 10,000 cycle checks to ensure they can withstand a lifetime of use. On this basis, the hardware comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

*The limited lifetime guarantee is issued by the Quiet Glide manufacturer. The warranty is based on the hardware being installed in accordance to the fitting instructions.