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We are an online retailer of high quality, innovative and beautiful home renovation products, from wall panelling to paint, to rolling library ladders. We work with developers, interior designers, architects and homeowners alike to supply safe, high quality ladders, decorative interior wall mouldings, on-trend wall panelling, curtain poles, paint and hardware.

Do you have a showroom?

We are an online company supplying customers across the United Kingdom and Europe. Our small but mighty team operates from our studio in Gloucestershire and although we do not have a showroom, we are delighted to provide samples of our products for your project.

We want you to feel and see the products up close before selecting your final finishes so if you would like some samples please email us now at

Do you deliver across the UK & Europe

We can provide delivery to residential and commercial addresses across the UK for all of the products on our website.

For customers who are based in Europe or further afield in other countries, we can deliver to you too depending on the products you are interested in. If you would like delivery to another country please get in touch with your full address and details of the products you are interested in and we can provide a quote from our couriers. Please note, not all of the products can be shipped outside of the UK. Email us

Wall Panels, Moulding, Coving & Skirting

What material are the interior decor mouldings made of?

All our decorative interior mouldings and wall panels are made from a material called Purotouch. It is a high-quality, high-density polyurethane that allows for fine design details and a sharp finish. For a fraction of the price of traditional panelling and decorative accessories, Purotouch is a popular choice with many other advantages. Upon purchase, your product is primed and ready to paint, it is water-resistant, shock-resistant, termite resistant, flexible enough to be bent around corners and is extremely easy to install. Purotouch is lightweight and can be hung indoors or outdoors using our recommended adhesive.Choosing products made from Purotouch is a safe investment for quality, longevity and beautiful detailing.Read more about Purotouch

Do the panels/mouldings come painted? Can I choose a colour?

The panels and mouldings are supplied in the base material - polyurethane which is white. This means that the panels or mouldings arrive primed and ready for you to paint to a colour of your choice.

What paint should I use to paint the panelling/moulding?

You can paint the panels to your perfect paint colour using a high quality paint with good coverage. We suggest using an acrylic eggshell paint to maximise on the quality and durability on the panels.

How should the products be fixed to the wall?

All of the interior mouldings, including the wall panels are lightweight and easy to install using the recommended adhesives and filler. The mouldings are simply fixed to the wall using adhesive and any joints can be blended using the filler. View Adhesive Products

How do I cut the panels / mouldings to size?

The panels and mouldings are supplied at the sizes listed in the product description box. You can cut the panels to the size that you require when you are fitting. The material (a high quality polyurethane) cuts very much like wood. When cutting use a fresh-bladed saw or similar cutting tool.

Can I use the panels / mouldings in the bathroom or shower? Is it waterproof?

The panels and mouldings are supplied in the base material - polyurethane which is white. This means that the panels or mouldings arrive primed and ready for you to paint to a colour of your choice.

Although the product itself is water-proof, you will need to consider how you are going to finish/paint the panels or mouldings, especially if you intend on using them as shower panels or in very wet areas. For example, we would suggest using a durable, washable acrylic based eggshell paint, by brands such as Johnstones. Or have a PU sprayed finish applied by a professional decorator.

We also highly advise that you request a sample from us so you can test the material with your chosen finishing technique. To request a sample please Contact us.

Do the 3D Wall panels have a fire rating?

The standard 3D wall panels do not have any Fire Rating, but the products can get the UK equivalent to Class 1 when coated with intumescent paint.

We suggest sourcing a local decroating professional to apply intumescent paint once you have installed the products. Alternatively you can request that the panels for your project have a coating applied at the factory prior to delivery however to undertake this process there is a minimum order quantity of 400 lengths, a 20% price increase and a longer lead-time (several weeks).

Are the panels/mouldings heat resistant? Can I use them near a radiator?

The panels do not have a fire rating but can withstand heat up to 70degrees. If you wanted the panels to achieve the UK equivalent to Class 1 fire rating you would need to paint/coat the panels with intumescent paint on all the surfaces.

Can I use the panels in my kitchen? As a splashback?

The 3D wall panels design make a fantastic feature in a kitchen and can be cleverly used in a whole array of ways. Using the panels to clad the front your kitchen cabinet doors or around your kitchen island is a great way to refresh your kitchen. Why not use the wall panels are an alternative to tiles for your kitchen splashback? This would really elevate your kitchen design and add a stunning detail.

The panel material (Purotouch) is waterproof and arrives white ready to be painted the colour of your choice. If the panels are going to be used in a particularly wet area - such as behind a sink, you will need to consider how you are going to finish/paint the panels or mouldings. For example, we would suggest using a durable, washable acrylic based eggshell paint, by brands such as Johnstones. Or have a PU sprayed finish applied by a professional decorator to ensure longeivity of the paint finish itself.

If you would like sample from us so you can test the material with your chosen finishing technique please get in touch.

Do you supply samples?

We want you to touch and feel the products so you can see the quality and material before you buy. Therefore we can supply you with samples of your choosen wall moulding, panel slirting or coving. Just pop us an email or contact us,along with your address details and the products names you are interested in.

Can I install wall panels over existing tiles or wallpaper?

Yes it is possible to fit the wall panels over existing tiles or wallpaper. If you are using the wall panels in your bathroom or an area where water is then you will need to use theDecofix No.700 Adhesivefor installation as this has been designed for use in humid areas.

Ladders & Ladder Hardware

What is a library ladder?

Library ladders came into fashion in the mid 1800’s in the homes of the rich and influential – those with enough books to warrant an extensive library. Obviously they were intended for reaching the upper most shelves and were often designed as stand-alone on wheels with ornate hand carvings on the railings. The Victorian examples look bulky when compared to the elegant designs we sell at the Library Ladder Company.

These days a library ladder can be used in any room of your home as both a functional and stylish addition. Our library ladders can be purchased in standard and bespoke heights and are available in unfinished red oak or walnut so that you can paint, stain or lacquer them as you wish. We can guarantee the highest quality finish, fixtures and technology and are proud of the safety features that ensure a fantastic product that stands the test of time.

What is a rolling ladder?

The term ‘rolling ladder’ refers to the rolling motion of the top of the ladder fixing along the rail and any ladder equipped with castors. Full rolling ladders are superior to ‘hook over’ ladders that do not include the Quiet Glide technology that allows for the ladder to glide along a rail.

Our classic rolling ladders are made to the highest quality specification with two rollers on either side of the ladder, braking wheels at the base of the ladder and an effortless roll along the rail. Rails are not hollow and are made from solid extruded aluminium. The hardware allows you to stow the ladder vertically.

How do I get a price for a ladder?

To order your ladder you can use our easy to use bundle builder where you can select different sizes, hardware types and colour options to build the perfect ladder for your project and get an instant price online.

If you want to purchase individual components/spares you can shop the ladder and hardware components separately.

How does a rolling ladder work?

At The Library Ladder Company we sell three different types of rolling library ladder. The hook rolling library ladder is a fitted with hooks to enable you to unhook it and move across to a different rail. If you have more than one library bookshelf, a large wine cellar or extensive dressing room, this is the perfect option. By contrast, our full rolling library ladder is attached to the rail and has two quiet glide rollers on each side of the ladder. The high quality technology allows for a smooth and silent roll from side to side along the solid extruded aluminium rail. Our swivel rolling hardware is perfect for gliding around corners, so if you have a curved bookcase or banister, this is the ladder hardware system of choice! The ladder is attached to the rail and the swivel technology allows the ladder to roll around a curved 90 degree corner rail. All of our ladders include braking wheeled feet for maximum safety and can be stowed way in a vertical position when not in use. Find out more about our ladder range online and use our easy step by step guide to place your order here.

Is a rolling ladder safe?

We want you to feel completely safe when you are using one of the ladders, therefore it is of the utmost importance that our library ladders are safe and made of the highest quality. All of the ladders have been designed with built-in braking safety wheels that automatically lock the ladder in place as you climb it.

The technology allows every ladder to be stowed away vertically when not in use to avoid accidents. Each ladder is made of solid wood and has been tested through 10,000 cycle checks to ensure they can withstand a lifetime of use. On this basis, each ladder comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

*The limited lifetime guarantee is issued by the Quiet Glide manufacturer.

Browse our range of rolling library ladders here.

Is a rolling ladder better than a hook over ladder?

Depending on the overall design of your room and the function of the ladder, you may wish to unhook it from the rail altogether and stow it away, which a hook-over type allows. The rolling ladder will remain attached to the top rail, but can still be stowed away vertically when not in use.

Can I get help with my ladder order?

Our small and specialist team are available to assist you with any questions and can offer a personalised quote at any time.Contact us here.

Where can I buy a ladder for my home?

The Library Ladder Company are the No.1 distributor of library ladders in the UK. We sell hook over library ladders, rolling hook ladders, full rolling ladders and corner rolling ladders to suit every room in your home. You will find plenty of information about all types of library ladders on our website including a downloadable guide to library ladders. Order online with our easy step by step guide, choose from our standard heights up to 14 feet in either red oak or walnut finishes. All our ladders arrive raw so that you can choose your own lacquer, stain or paint finish to suit your scheme. Use our comprehensive instructions to assemble your ladder in situ.

Our small and specialist team are available to assist you with any questions and can offer a personalised quote at any time. Contact us here.

Do you offer an installation service?

We are a supply only company but we supply comprehensive installation instructions. If you are not comfortable with using tools we would recommend using a reputable local carpenter or handyman to fit the ladder for you.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We work with several different brands, manufacturers, and suppliers and because of this there are different returns policies based on the product(s) that you are ordering. Please read the returns policies for the products and product category that you are ordering. If you are ordering products from more than one product category, please make sure you understand the returns policy for each of the products in your order.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your order or the returns information, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

Can I track my order?

We work with a few different and specialist couriers for the deliveries due to the lengths of the products that we sell and because of this it means that tracking is not generally available on orders. Occasionally a courier can provide us with tracking details and in those instances we can pass the information onto our customers to allow them to track progress.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

The lead-time for your order will all depend on which products you are ordering, however generally speaking if the items on your order are in stock then delivery will be between 3-5 days from your order date.

If there are items on your order that are out of stock the lead-time will increase to be between 2-4 weeks, however if an item is out of stock we will advise you as soon as possible about the expected timeline. In some instances and if there are global delivery issues, the leadtime could be longer, however we will always advise you if this is the case.

If you have any made-to-order items on your order such as a bespoke ladder or handles then the lead-time will be between 5-6 weeks.

What if my order arrives damaged?

In the unfortunate event that your purchase(s) are damaged in transit, please firstly refuse to sign for the item and send it back if it is visibly damaged before accepting delivery. If it is only noticeable once opened, please send us an email with photographs within 48hrs of receipt of delivery and we can advise on the next steps.

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