Wall Panelling

Lightweight & easy to install.

If you're looking to add character, style, and texture to your walls, wall panelling is the perfect solution. Our range of designer wall panels offers exquisite styles that will rejuvenate your interior walls. These lightweight panels are easy to install and maintain, and arrive pre-primed, ready for painting in any colour.

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Wall panelling creates a cohesive interior design that ties a room together, whether you choose to feature a fashionable cladding or run panels around the whole perimeter. Painted panels in complementary colours enhance the feeling of a harmonious home, while contrasting colours make bold statements that can be matched with soft furnishings for continuity.

Our premade, shaker wall panels are the perfect choice if you're looking to capture the grandeur and elegance of Victorian or Georgian period properties. Wall panels No.120 & No.121 are highly detailed and make a fantastic statement in hallways, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

For a sleek and modern interior, our range includes textured and decorativewall panel designs, from grooved, ridged, and scooped. Our 'Bar' No. 111 Wall Panel is one of our most popular choices as it works beautifully in contemporary and traditional settings alike. Transform any room into a wow-factor space with our range of wall panels.

Not only do interior wall panels add aesthetic appeal, but they also provide a practical purpose of concealing unattractive and uneven surfaces. They also add extra durability to walls in high-traffic areas like staircases and hallways, making them a fast and affordable alternative to tiles.