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A stunning collection of rustic wooden poles, in a palette of oak finishes. Inspired by English country cottages. The traditional detailing of the poles emphasises the warm and elegant tones of the finishes, accentuating the natural grooves of the wood. English oak is crafted from a solid oak timber with Limed Oak, Burnt Oak, Toasted Oak and Smoked Oak created using ash timber for a contemporary oak finish.


Why choose Byron & Byron curtain poles?

Byron & Byron Luxury Curtain Poles. Byron and Byron are world renowned for some of the finest curtain poles around.

In the Byron & Byron Curtain Pole department you will find the outstanding collection of Wood Curtain poles, Finials and Pelmets from this highly respected curtain pole manufacturer.
Handmade curtain poles by Byron and Byron's Master Craftsman, these poles are all hand-finished with up to 14 layers of colour making this range in a class of their own.
Byron & Byron has concentrated on manufacturing top end, quality curtain poles and curtain products, with in mind the idea of keeping the usage of the woods low. Byron and Byron's woods come from different Sustainable Sources and make sure that suppliers are FSC certified.

Should you need any help placing an order, or have any questions about the Byron & Byron collections we supply, please contact us by email at

Environmental Credentials

They are aware of the social and environmental duties and are conscious of the mileage that their raw materials travel to recieve them. Most of what they supply is sourced from within the EU, aside from components that cannot be bought locally.

Their carbon footprint is rendered smaller still by producing 50% of their own electricity by means of solar panels installed on their factory roof. In the winter months thier factory is heated by recycling our own wood shavings or by using biomass fuels. This reduces further their consumption of the Earth's resources. They are also working towards all timber being FSC Certified. Rest assured that Byron & Byron are very aware that the planet is on loan to us for future generations. Whilst we produce products that come from natural sources, they ensure they are fully sustainable. They do their utmost to ensure they protect the environment and the world in which we live.

How to measure my windows?

Measuring For Poles And Tracks

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a pole or track, both of which should be positioned 10-20cm above the window and extend usually 10-40cm either side. Measure the total width of the track or pole excluding the finials.

To be sure of the best possible fit, take time to measure your window carefully. We suggest using a metal tape measure for accuracy.

Stack Back is the area where the curtains hang against the wall when they are pulled open. By covering the wall and not the glass, during the day, it allows more light into the room.

Easy Formula

To determine the length of the track or pole, increase the width of the window glass area by 30%. Very full curtains need more stack back then flatter ones, and heavier fabrics will also take up more stack back area. You can adjust the 30% to take this into account.

It should be noted it is generally personal preference and these are only guidelines. Decide where the pole is to be positioned. This can be either on the window frame or above it on the wall or ceiling.

Fit the track or pole before taking measurements for your curtains.

Measuring Guide

How to Measure
When measuring your window, try to measure the window using a steel tape measure, and measure to the nearest centimetre (or convert from inches by multiplying by 2.54). The pole should go at least 10cm (6") over each side of the window , excluding the finials ( end parts of the pole ).

Ordering Tip
All poles can be cut down. If you are unsure between 2 sizes, opt for the longer length as you can always cut it down.

Fitting Tip
Where stated, some poles (usually the longer ones), will come in 2 pieces with a centre support bracket and a joining splicer. When cutting to size, an equal amount should be cut off each half of the pole, for correct alignment with the centre bracket.

Finial Measurements


- 35mm -

Length: 98mm
Height: 71mm

- 45mm -

Height: 84mm

- 55mm -



- 35mm -

Length: 58 mm
Height: 50 mm

- 45mm -

Length: 59 mm
Height: 62 mm

- 55mm -

Length: 73 mm
Height: 71 mm


- 35mm -

Length: 89 mm
Height: 73 mm

- 45mm -

Length: 98 mm
Height: 82 mm

- 55mm -



- 35mm -

Length: 99 mm
Height: 72 mm

- 45mm -

Length: 105 mm
Height: 79 mm

- 55mm -

Length: 110 mm
Height: 83 mm


- 35mm -


- 45mm -

Length: 155 mm
Height: 92 mm

- 55mm -

Length: 155 mm
Height: 92 mm


- 35mm -

Length: 28mm
Height: 46mm

- 45mm -

Length: 28mm
Height: 59mm

- 55mm -

Length: 28 mm
Height: 76 mm

What comes in the curtain pole set?

150cm Pole - x1 Pole, x2 cup brackets, x16 Rings

180cm Pole - x1 Pole, x2 cup brackets, x18 Rings

240cm Pole - x1 Pole, x3 cup brackets, x24 Rings

300cm Pole - x2 Poles, x3 cup brackets, x30 Rings

360cm Pole - x2Poles, x3 cup brackets, x36 Rings

Can I cut the curtain pole to size?

We do offer a free service where we can cut down the curtain poles to your desired length.

This size needs to be given within half an hour of your order.

Please email

Can I purchase extra curtain pole rings?

The curtain pole set comes with the industry standard quantity of rings. If you would like to purchase additional rings please get in touch with us.

Can I get a colour sample?

We can send you a cut off, of the curtain pole in your desired colour for you to have a closer look at the finish.

Please contact to order a sample.