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Beautiful high quality doors really set the tone for a luxury home or space and our internal door collection will leave you spoilt for choice. From the classic charm of traditional panelled doors with raised and fielded panels, to the sleek and modern look of chevron panelled doors. Whether you're aiming for a rustic feel or a contemporary style, we have a door design to match your interior design. Choose from the luxurious warmth of oak or the deep, rich tones of walnut, or go for a tonal option with our various stained oak options.

The beautiful internal doors are hand-crafted and made to order with a wide and stunning selection of finishes, materials and detailing to choose from. The doors fall into two different collections; The Classic Interior Door Collection and The Sliding Interior Door Collection.

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We are proudly bringing the door industry up to date by allowing customers to shop luxury high quality doors online. Doors are the pinnacle design elements that set the tone for the rest of your interior, so they deserve to be beautiful, reliable, and built to last for years to come.  

Internal doors are quite often an overlooked part of a home renovation. Whereas people may think of more obvious interior design elements when renovating, internal doors form part of the room architecture and affect the overall feel of a home or building. The satisfying clunk of a high quality interior door can add grandeur and elegance to your house. The internal door range is available in sumptious natural materials such as oak and walnut with stained timber options availble too, from a light grey to a smokey black.

Whether your home or style is traditional, contemporary or an eclectic mix of the two, we have a internal door to suit you and your home. If you prefer your internal doors to be painted, you can purchase the doors in a primed white finish, ready fo you to paint your desired colour.

All of the doors in the range are 45mm thick, making them of robust quality and reassuringly heavy.

We have several panelled door options such as two panelled doors, three panelled doors, all the way up to 6 panelled doors and doors with moulded beading details.

We are proud of our standard door range of hinging doors and we are very excited about the newly launched range of doors for sliding hardware. The sliding barn style doors have been designed with designer wow-factor in mind. Make a statement with a chevron door, grooved sliding door or a barn door design.

About the collections

The Classic Interior Door Collection

Our range of classical door styles suit period properties and modern style homes alike. If you are looking for internal doors that exude quality and luxury this range of doors will not disappoint. As you walk through the doors in your home you will find these doors to be satisfyingly robust, giving the feeling of quality and sophistication.

Choose from one, two and three panelled door designs with flat central panels or raised and fielded panel options. The internal door range is available in Oak, Walnut, and many Oak-stained options, however if you want to paint the door on-site you can order the doors to be delivered ready primed.


The Sliding Door Collection

Our range of on-trend and sliding doors have been designed with barn style sliding hardware in mind. Sliding doors can be a perfect opportunity to make a statement in your home or interior. Often purchased as single interior doors, you can afford to be more bold with your selection and our in-house designed range of doors offers many beautiful options and selections.

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Why should you invest in beautiful doors?

Imagine walking into your home, feeling the weight of the world lift from your shoulders as you step into the luxurious space you've created for yourself. With every detail carefully considered and crafted with the finest materials, your home is a reflection of your refined taste and the life you've worked hard to build.

And it all starts with the door. The first impression your guests will have, the first touch of luxury they'll feel as they step into your home. Our luxury doors are not just a piece of wood and metal - they are a statement. A statement of who you are, what you stand for, and the life you've worked so hard to create.

Our doors are crafted with the finest materials, combining both traditional and modern techniques to create a unique and luxurious experience. From the elegant curves of our hand-carved designs to the smooth feel of the premium finishes, every detail has been considered to provide an unrivaled level of luxury.

With our doors, you are not just making an investment in your home - you're investing in your lifestyle. A lifestyle that's all about elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty. And when you open the door, you'll feel the difference, a sense of luxury and quality that will last a lifetime.

So why not treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury? Why not make a statement that will last a lifetime? Choose our luxury doors and step into a world of sophistication, elegance, and timeless beauty.

Warranty & Construction


The doors within the Interior Door Collection are constructed using an high density particle board core with a high quality timber veneer such as oak or walnut.  Lippings matching the door veneer are added (manufactured) before the doors are veneered. Doors are typically supplied pre-finished, ready to be hung on site. Our white primed doors are supplied for finishing with a top coat


The door within the internal door range are constructed with timber which is FSC & PEFC certified.

The FSC Certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The PEFC Certification ensures that materials comes from a PEFC-certified forest (obviously, only the forest-based material within the product). A PEFC-certified forest is a forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.


The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on the interior door range, covering against major defects such as warps or splits. This warranty is contingent on the correct preparation and installation of the doors according to the manufacturer guidelines.

As a natural product, variations in colour, grain, texture and tone are not considered a manufacturing fault.

Fire Rating Information

The doors in The Interior Door Collection are not fire rated as standard however, we understand that some customers may have specific safety requirements and may need fire rated doors for their properties.

Therefore, we offer fire rated doors at additional cost per door. These doors are available in two ratings: FD30 and FD60, which denote their ability to resist fire for 30 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively. The doors are designed and tested to meet the stringent safety requirements and standards set out for fire rated doors.

If a customer requires fire rated doors, they can get in touch with us to discuss their specific needs and requirements. Our team will be happy to provide guidance on the appropriate fire rated doors for their property, and offer a quote for the additional cost per door.

We take safety seriously and are committed to providing our customers with the best quality doors to meet their needs. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, we understand the importance of having doors that meet the required safety standards.


What is an FD30 door?

FD30 Certified doors are doors that have been tested and certified to provide 30 minutes of fire resistance. These doors are designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings and are an important safety feature in both commercial and residential properties.

FD30 certification is a standard set by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and is based on rigorous testing to ensure that the doors meet specific requirements for fire resistance. To achieve FD30 certification, the doors must be able to withstand fire and heat for at least 30 minutes without becoming structurally unstable or allowing excessive amounts of smoke to pass through.

In summary, FD30 certified doors are doors that have been tested and certified to provide 30 minutes of fire resistance. They are an important safety feature in buildings and can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing valuable time for occupants to evacuate the premises.

Important delivery information- All doors must be checked immediately on arrival, and any defects, damages, shortages or incorrect allocations reported within 3 days of delivery.

The doors will arrive on a pallet which is the best way to protect them and keep them safe. This does however mean that when the lorry arrives at your site you need to make sure there is ample space to unload the pallet from the delivery lorry when they arrive. The pallet will be left on the ground at your location and the delivery team will leave. It will be up to you to then unpack the pallet. Please note that the doors are extremely heavy (38kg - 55kg) and you will likely need two people to unpack and move your doors to your desired location after the delivery team has left.