What an honour for The Library Ladder Company to be mentioned in the September 2020 addition of Ideal Home Magazine. 

The segment entitled 'Make it work for you; A separate dressing room', focuses on tips and advice for organising, designing, and utilising a space in your home to become dedicated for dressing and clothing. These areas can also be also known as a walk-in wardrobe, closet area or dressing room.

The article highlights functional ways to maximise on space, how to work with awkward shaped rooms and tips to give your space that luxury feel.

One of the best ways to maximise on space is to make sure you are adding ample storage, enabling a clutter free and organised design. One of the ways to do this is to use your floor-to-ceiling area as much as you can. According to Ideal Home Magazine, 'Floor-to-ceiling fitted furniture can increase storage space by 30 percent.'

How does one reach such high up storage I hear you cry...

Well that is where The Library Ladder Company can help. Our ladders come in a range of options to suit your home, style and ladder needs. Choose from a selection of hook-over ladders, rolling ladders, sliding ladders and custom ladders made to bespoke sizes to meet your space requirements.

In the 'Best for' section of the magazine article, The Library Ladder Company and our storage ladders are named as 'best for accessing top cupboards' and 'perfect for reaching items stored up high'.

If you add a ladder into your home, you are changing high up 'long term' storage into every day storage that you can access with ease and style.


We offer many different types of ladder, ensuring that there is always something for everyone! Take a look at our guide to ordering ladders, if you have any questions or need help choosing which are the best option for you, please get in touch!


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