A guide to choosing your ladder

We are the official stockist for high quality ladders which are manufactured by the US brand Quiet Glide.

Selecting the perfect ladder type for your needs doesn't need to be complicated. We have broken down the types and finishes into easy to understand sections below. With clever options and luxurious finishes you will always find what you are looking for to compliment your space, project or bookcase.

Why choose Quiet Glide?

Quality Testing Technology Guarantee

From the metal-work to the bent steam-handrails on our sliding ladders, all the parts are machined or manufactured by American craftsmen.

Quiet Glide products have been tested through 100,000 cycle checks to ensure the technology can withstand a lifetime of use.

Quiet glide is a patented technology which makes our hardware run smoothly and quietly.

Quiet Glide are so confident in their products that they offer a limited lifetime guarantee.

How to order your ladder

We have created an easy to use guide below to help you understand the hardware and ladder options. You can add products to the cart as you go through.

The hardware

Choose from four different type of hardware, full rolling, hook rolling, swivel rolling and hook-over to create the perfect ladder for your space.

Rolling ladders
Hook library ladder
Rolling library adder
Hook over ladder

Sold out

The ideal choice if you want to roll your ladder around corners.

Rolling ladder kit

Sold out

The perfect choice for a rolling ladder that can still be removed from the rail.

Hook over ladder hardwre

Sold out

The best choice for hooking your ladder on and off the rail.

Rolling ladder hardware

Sold out

The classic choice for a true rolling ladder. Remains safely on the rail at all times.

Make sure you pair your top hardware with the correct bottom hardware below:

Rolling ladder wheels

Sold out

Use the bottom wheel for all rolling top hardware.

Hook over ladder kit

Sold out

Use the non skid feet for the top hook-over hardware

The Rails

Make sure you choose your rails for your ladder to sit onto. Choose from 6ft and/or 8ft rails to create your required width. The rails can be cut-down onsite and/or joined together with a joining kit for the perfect fit.

Rolling ladder rail

Sold out

The curved rail can only be used with the swivel top roller.

Library ladder rail

Sold out
Ladder rail

Sold out

Select how many joining kits and end caps you need:

Ladder rail end caps

Sold out

You need to finish your rails with end caps. There is x2 is each kit.

Ladder rail joining kit

Sold out

You need this kit to join two rails lengths together.

Ladder rail tool

Sold out

You will need this tool to attached your rail end caps.

Rail brackets

You need to choose the type of brackets that you prefer for your rails. It is personal preference which type you choose (vertical or horizontal)

You need 1 x bracket for every 3ft (914mm)

Use for
Full Rolling & Swivel Rolling top hardware

(Full Rolling & Swivel Rollers)

Ladder rail bracket

Sold out
Vertical ladder rail bracket

Sold out

Use for
Hook Rolling & Hook-Over top hardware only

(Hook Rollers & top Hook-over)

Hook over ladder rail bracket

Sold out
Hook ladder rail bracket

Sold out

Choose your ladder

We offer standard height ladders in Red oak and Walnut as well as bespoke height ladders. Work out which height you need by the height you want the rail to be mounted.

Library ladder dimensions
Ladder Height Rail Height (from floor to the rail centre) Bespoke ladder height

8ft ladder


'Up to 8ft'

9ft ladder


'Up to 9ft'

10ft ladder


'Up to 10ft'

11ft ladder


'Up to 11ft'

12ft ladder


'Up to 12ft'

13ft ladder


'Up to 13ft'

14ft ladder


'Up to 14ft'

Custom made library ladder

Sold out
Standard library ladder

Sold out

Ladder support rungs:

You need to make sure you have enough ladder support rungs.

Use the guide below to make sure you have the right quantity based on your ladder height. You need one less rung than ladder height.

Ladder rods
Sold out

7ft Ladder = 6 rungs

8ft Ladder = 7 rungs

9ft Ladder = 8 rungs

10ft Ladder = 9 rungs

11ft Ladder = 10 rungs

12ft Ladder = 11 rungs

13ft Ladder = 12 rungs

14ft Ladder = 13 rungs

*If you are having oil rubbed bronze hardware select black rungs.

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