We have so many great options, finishes and choices for our ladders so it can be a bit of a mine field to work out what you need so we have created this blog to give you top tips when ordering your rolling ladder.

Ladders Explained.

The ladder is made of high quality wood which comes in a solid Red Oak or solid Walnut. The ladder is supplied unfinished so you can apply a paint or stain to match the rest of your interior or joinery.

The hardware is what you need to choose to add to your ladder to either make it a rolling ladder or a non rolling ladder. 

Ladder Hardware Options

The hardware is high quality and the rollers have patented technology making them glide quietly every time. 

There are four types of ladder hardware:

1. Rolling Ladder Hardware

Rolling Library Ladder

This is the traditional rolling hardware type is fixed to the rail and glides from side to side. The bottom wheels have safety brakes that brake when the ladder is mounted.


2. Hook Rolling

Rolling ladder

This rolling hook hardware type gives you all the benefits of the traditional rolling type but also allows you to remove the ladder from the rail to use in another location.


3. Swivel Rolling

Rolling ladder

This rolling hardware type allows the ladder to roll around corners with a curved rail.


4. Hook Over

Hook over library ladder

This hook over hardware type is a great option for ladders that are simple and easy to use with a sturdy and high quality hook.


There are three colour finishes for the hardware to choose from;


1. Matt Black

Library ladder matt black colour

2. Satin Nickel

Library ladder satin nickel finish

3. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Library ladder oil rubbed bronze




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