Flush Style Pocket Door Kit | No Architrave | For Double Doors


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Space saving solution

High Quality Construction | Galvanised steel frames


Introducing the Syntesis Flush Pocket Door System, featuring advanced enhancements for seamless installation and a professional finish:

Enhanced Pocket Horizontals: The patented micro-perforations simplify plasterboard attachment, making it quicker and more straightforward.

Quick-Click Fixing System: The upgraded 'Quick-Click' frame ensures swift assembly and improved stability for a stronger structure.

Streamlined Frame Details: A lasered mark on the central vertical eases plasterboard attachment, optimizing the process.

Redesigned Edge Profiles: Achieve a flawless plaster finish effortlessly with our updated edge profiles, saving valuable time.

Technical Spec: Download

Installation Instructions: 100mm Finished Wall Thickness

Optional Add ons: Optional extras include: Soft-Close with Anti-Slam and Bi-directional soft-close with anti-slam. Please note that the Bi-directional soft-close with anti-slam is not suitable for use with the following sizes of this product: 610 + 610x1981 (2' 0"+ 2' 0"x6' 6") and 626+626X2040.

    Quick-Click Fixing System

    15-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

    Smooth and noiseless operation, which seamlessly blends into any interior.

    About ECLISSE

    ECLISSE is a renowned and innovative brand that has left an indelible mark in the field of interior design and architectural solutions. With a strong focus on quality and functionality, ECLISSE is widely recognised for its ingenious sliding pocket door systems.

    These space-saving solutions have revolutionised the way we perceive and utilise space within our living and working environments.

    ECLISSE products are meticulously engineered to ensure smooth and noiseless operation, seamlessly blending into any design aesthetic. Their commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike.

    Materials & Warranty


    The pocket doors hardware kit is made from high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and durability of the pocket door systems. The frames are constructed with galvanised steel, renowned for its strength and stability. This robust material provides a solid foundation for the pocket doors, guaranteeing reliable performance for years to come. We also offer a range of wooden door options, crafted with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. These premium materials ensure that your Pocket Doors maintain their integrity and beauty over time.


    The steel pocket system, including the top track holder and steel doorpost, is backed by a 15-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects. This warranty demonstrates the confidence in the durability and reliability of the products.

    Please note that the guarantee applies to materials and any manufacturing defects, but it does not cover installation.

    We take pride in providing products that meet the highest standards of quality, and our warranty ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of Pocket Doors with confidence.


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    Over £500 – £36 delivery


    We recommend you do not book any installation work until you have received goods as occasionally the couriers can experience problems or delays trying to make delivery.


    If you would like to place an order for delivery outside of Great Britain please send us an email with your full delivery address and details of what you would like to order. We can then generate a quotation for you.

    Stock & Delivery Information

    Placing an order before 1.00 pm on a working day generally means you will receive the goods on the next working day, if you fail to receive them in this time please contact us via email 

    We recommend you do not book any installation work until you have received goods as occasionally the couriers can experience problems or delays trying to make delivery.

    Delivery is to the nearest roadside point to the delivery address accessible by our couriers and does not include delivery into the building or site. Ease of access to the delivery  address is the receivers responsibility and any special requirements must be agreed at the time of order. Estimated delivery times are between 8am and 6pm.


    Wire Ready Kits have lead-time from placing an order is 4-5 weeks.

    Small items such as handles are sent by Royal Mail and so may take 2-3 days to arrive.

    How to Order | Product Information

    The pocket door systems come in standard overall frame sizes designed to perfectly fit a wide range of standard door panel sizes. Our technical specs give you all the information you need to decide on your choice of frame. You need to make sure you have enough overall space to build the stud work to accommodate and install the overall frame. You can then look at the range of overall frame sizes that will fit into the space you have available and the technical spec will tell you the door panel sizes that the different frames will accommodate.

    What is included in the kit?

    A Galvanised steel frame

    A strong and quick-click frame that assembles into a complete unit comprising of a full pocket and a track.


    Tested to 100,000 cycles (that’s around 25 years of average use!) 

    Extractable Track

    The track can be extracted without having to break into the wall.

    Front and rear door stop

    Can be adjusted to determine how far the door protrudes from the pocket. 

    Metal anti-warp door profile

    Slots into a channel in underside of door. Not visible but ensures that if your door warps it continues to slide smoothly.

    Self centering door guide

    Clicks into frame, doesn't screw into the floor, so it is perfectly centred every time.


    Even the screws to attach the plasterboard to the frame are included. 

    Download PDF detailing the parts in detail.


    Optional Accessories that are not included that you might want to add on.

    - Soft Close with anti-slam

    - Bi-directional Soft Close with anti slam



    - This product does not include a door panel.

    - When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protrudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers. Should the door be adjusted to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability.

    How to determine your frame/door panel size?

    The pocket door systems come in standard overall frame sizes designed to perfectly fit a wide range of standard door panel sizes. The technical specs give you all the information you need to decide on your choice of frame. You need to make sure you have enough overall space to build the stud work to accommodate and install the overall frame. You can then look at the range of overall frame sizes that will fit into the space you have available and the technical spec will tell you the door panel sizes that the different frames will accommodate.

    Installation Instructions & Information

    Installation Instructions

    The below downloads are for the single door system and the double door system in the flush/syntesis range. Please make sure to use the correct technical data sheet for your chosen system.

    Single Synthesis Flush Pocket Door System:

    Double Synthesis Flush Pocket Door System:

    Technical Information

    Door Panel Weight: 100kg

    Door Thickness: 35mm, 40mm, 44mm

    Finished wall thickness options: 100mm or 125mm

    System type: For use with timber doors


    The below downloads are for the single door system and the double door system in the flush/syntesis range. Please make sure to use the correct technical data sheet for your chosen system.

    Benefits & Attributes

    About ECLISSE

    ECLISSE, is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality pocket door solutions. The ECLISSE Pocket Doors are meticulously designed to transform your living spaces, offering a perfect blend of functionality, style, and space-saving convenience. You can unlock the full potential of your interiors, optimising room layouts and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

    The pocket door systems revolutionise traditional door openings by seamlessly integrating the doors into the wall cavities. This innovative approach allows the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall, freeing up valuable floor space and creating a harmonious flow between rooms. Whether you're looking to maximise space in residential homes, commercial spaces, or hospitality environments, these Pocket Doors are the ideal choice.

    But it doesn't stop there. ECLISSE goes beyond just pocket door frames by providing a complete solution. Offering a range of accessories, including soft-close mechanisms, self-closing systems, and jamb kits, to enhance functionality and add those finishing touches to your pocket door installation.

    With the collection of Pocket Doors, you can experience the benefits of increased usable space, improved traffic flow, and a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

    Transform your living or working spaces with our innovative and stylish pocket door solutions.

    Browse the collection and discover the possibilities that these pocket doors will bring to your interior design projects.

    What makes the ECLISSE pocket door the best choice for pocket door systems?

    Crafted with precision engineering and attention to detail, the pocket door systems are built to last.

    Utilising high-quality materials, including galvanised steel frames, which provide strength, stability, and durability. The range includes various configurations to suit different requirements, from single pocket doors to double pocket doors for wider openings. We even offer fire-rated options for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

    Easy Installation

    Installation is made easy with the user-friendly systems. We provide comprehensive instructions and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process. The pocket door systems are suitable for both new construction projects and retrofits, offering versatility and adaptability to any setting.

    Guarantee / Warranty

    The ECLISSE galvanised steel pocket system, including the top track holder and steel doorpost, is suitable for use with standard type doors. The wooden jamb kit, including dust brushes and a recessed wooden door post with internal rubber bumpers, is also supplied.

    • The ECLISSE steel system is guaranteed for 15 years against material and manufacturing defects. The installation is not our responsibility and is not covered by our guarantee.
    • The wooden jamb kit is guaranteed for 5 years.
    • A 2-year guarantee is offered on accessories.

    Flush Pocket Door FAQs

    How do classic and flush pocket doors differ?

    Classic pocket doors and flush pocket doors differ not only in their appearance but also in their functionality and design approach. Classic pocket doors feature visible frames and hardware, which can include door pulls, tracks, and frames that are partially exposed even when the door is closed. This design can add a touch of traditional or rustic aesthetics to a space.

    On the other hand, flush pocket doors offer a modern and minimalist approach. They have a sleek and seamless appearance, as both the door and its accompanying hardware are concealed within the wall when the door is fully open. This design choice promotes a clean and uncluttered look, making them an ideal option for contemporary interior designs where a seamless transition between spaces is desired.

    The construction of flush pocket doors involves careful attention to detail to ensure that the door sits flush with the surrounding wall surface. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to better insulation and soundproofing. The concealed hardware adds to the overall clean lines of the door and prevents any potential obstructions in narrow spaces.

    While classic pocket doors offer a more traditional and potentially ornate appearance, flush pocket doors prioritise a sleek and modern aesthetic with their hidden hardware and seamless integration into the wall. The choice between the two depends on the desired style of the space and the functional benefits each type offers.

    What sets apart flush pocket doors from flush wire ready pocket doors?

    The distinction between flush pocket doors and flush wire ready pocket doors lies not only in their integration within the wall but also in the added functionality and versatility that the latter offers.

    Flush pocket doors are designed to provide a seamless and unobtrusive transition between rooms. When fully open, they disappear entirely within the wall cavity, creating a visually open space. The emphasis is primarily on aesthetics and space-saving, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a clean and contemporary look in various interior designs.

    Flush wire ready pocket doors, on the other hand, take this concept a step further by incorporating wiring channels into their design. These built-in wiring channels are strategically integrated to accommodate electrical fixtures such as sockets, light switches, thermostats, and lighting elements. This means that you can install these fixtures directly onto the door's surface without compromising the sleek appearance of the door itself or the surrounding wall.

    This added feature of wiring channels adds a practical dimension to the door, making it particularly suitable for modern living spaces where the integration of technology and lighting is essential. It eliminates the need to disrupt the wall structure or create additional wiring pathways, offering a streamlined solution for incorporating electrical components seamlessly into the design.

    Are flush pocket doors known for their durability?

    Without a doubt, flush pocket doors are renowned not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their impressive durability and construction.

    These doors are crafted with meticulous attention to materials and design, featuring robust components that contribute to their longevity. The structural integrity of flush pocket doors ensures that they withstand the wear and tear of daily usage, making them a dependable choice for high-traffic areas within homes or commercial spaces.

    The Eclisse pocket door system is built with durability and longevity in mind. It is crafted from premium-grade materials, such as galvanised steel, ensuring excellent structural integrity. The system undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent quality standards, resulting in a reliable and robust product that can withstand regular use over an extended period.

    In essence, flush pocket doors not only excel in their aesthetic elegance but also stand as a testament to enduring reliability. Their durability makes them a wise investment, offering both functional and visual benefits that can enhance the overall value of a space for years to come.

    Are flush pocket doors suitable for bathroom installations?

    Indeed, flush pocket doors emerge as a great choice when considering bathroom installations, and their suitability extends beyond their space-saving attributes and aesthetic allure.

    The compact nature of bathrooms often demands smart spatial solutions, and flush pocket doors effortlessly address this requirement. Their ingenious design allows them to slide seamlessly into the wall cavity, liberating valuable floor space that traditional swinging doors might occupy. This is especially beneficial for smaller bathrooms, where optimising every inch counts.

    Aesthetically, flush pocket doors introduce an element of elegance and minimalism to bathroom interiors. The absence of visible door frames and hinges contributes to a clean, uncluttered look that aligns with modern design sensibilities. This visually unobtrusive quality can make bathrooms appear larger and more inviting.

    Flush pocket doors offer a harmonious blend of functional benefits and aesthetic enhancements that make them an ideal fit for bathroom installations. From their space-saving capability to their contribution to a refined interior ambiance, these doors have the potential to elevate the functionality and visual appeal of bathroom spaces with remarkable effectiveness.

    What does a flush door without architrave refer to?

    A flush door without architrave embodies a sophisticated design concept that goes beyond mere functionality. This type of door is a testament to the pursuit of minimalist aesthetics and seamless integration within interior spaces.

    When referring to a flush door without architrave, what is envisioned is a door that is not only flush with the surrounding wall but also devoid of any visible trims, mouldings, or adornments. This design choice encapsulates the essence of simplicity, where the door's surface aligns perfectly with the wall, creating an uninterrupted visual expanse.

    The absence of architrave, which are the decorative frames that typically outline doors, results in a clean and uncluttered appearance. This design strategy is often employed to achieve a contemporary and modern ambiance within a space, allowing architectural elements to stand on their own merits without the embellishment of traditional detailing.

    Achieving a flush door without architrave requires precise installation techniques and meticulous attention to detail. The door must be carefully aligned and fitted within the wall to maintain a consistent surface plane. The result is a seamless transition between the door and the wall, contributing to a sense of unity and spaciousness within the room.

    Flush door without architrave exemplifies the marriage of form and function, where the absence of embellishments emphasises the door's role as a practical yet elegant architectural element. This design choice suits spaces seeking a refined, contemporary look and invites appreciation for the beauty of simplicity in design.

    Can flush pocket doors be utilised in living rooms?

    Certainly, the versatility of flush pocket doors extends gracefully to living rooms, offering a wealth of design possibilities that enrich the aesthetics and functionality of these spaces.

    The living room often serves as a central hub of activity within a home, where style and practicality intertwine. Flush pocket doors seamlessly accommodate this dynamic by delivering a visual and spatial harmony that aligns with modern interior trends. When these doors are open, they recede discreetly into the wall, granting an unobstructed view and a smooth transition between interconnected areas, fostering an expansive and interconnected ambiance.

    Beyond their functional elegance, flush pocket doors offer an opportunity for custom tailoring. They can be chosen to complement the living room's décor theme, whether it be minimalist, contemporary, or traditional. Additionally, these doors can be employed as creative room dividers, allowing the living room to flexibly adapt its layout to different occasions.

    The subtlety of flush pocket doors allows other design elements to shine. They permit furniture arrangements and decorative features to command attention without the visual interruption of swinging doors or visible door frames. This understated quality is especially valuable in living rooms where focal points, such as artwork, fireplaces, or expansive windows, deserve the spotlight.

    How can the interior of a flush pocket door be effectively cleaned?

    To clean the inside of a flush pocket door, gently vacuum or dust the track and surrounding areas. Use a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution for any stubborn dirt or marks.

    Are flush pocket doors suitable for closet applications?

    Undoubtedly, flush pocket doors prove to be an exceptional choice when considering closet applications, offering a range of benefits that cater to both functionality and aesthetics.

    Closets are spaces where efficient use of space is paramount, and flush pocket doors excel in this regard. Their ingenious design enables them to seamlessly slide into the wall cavity, maximising the available space within the closet itself and its immediate surroundings. This is particularly advantageous in areas where space is at a premium, ensuring that every inch of the closet is optimally utilised.

    Furthermore, the space-saving characteristic of flush pocket doors enhances accessibility. Unlike traditional swinging doors, which can limit access when open, pocket doors seamlessly glide out of sight, providing unobstructed entry and visibility to the closet's contents. This is especially valuable in tight spaces or closets that store a diverse array of items.

    From an aesthetic perspective, flush pocket doors contribute to a clean and uncluttered appearance. They eliminate the need for door swings that can interfere with furniture arrangement or traffic flow. The flush integration of these doors into the wall keeps the closet's exterior streamlined and visually cohesive with the surrounding space.

    Whether in residential settings or commercial spaces, flush pocket doors offer an opportunity to elevate the organisation and functionality of closets while maintaining a refined visual appeal. Their ability to save space, provide easy access, and enhance the overall closet layout makes them a compelling choice for those seeking to optimise both form and function within closet applications.

    What types of doors can be paired with a flush pocket door system?

    The Flush Pocket Door System, a popular choice for modern interior design, is specifically designed to accommodate timber wood doors. While this limitation might seem restrictive at first glance, it actually provides a plethora of design opportunities that can enhance your living space.

    The emphasis on timber wood doors is due to their favourable weight-to-strength ratio, making them well-suited for the mechanics of a pocket door system. However, within the realm of timber wood doors, the options are extensive. The system allows you to unleash your creativity by selecting from a diverse array of coloured wood finishes. This means you're not confined to natural wood tones; you can choose hues that complement your interior colour palette, allowing for a harmonious blend with your overall decor.

    Flush Pocket Door System enables you to explore various door panel designs. For a classic look, you can opt for a panelled door style, adding depth and texture to your room. If you're aiming for a more intricate appearance, a beaded panel design can introduce a touch of elegance. Alternatively, a stepped panelled door can create a contemporary feel, with its subtle yet striking lines.

    What kinds of handles and locks can be used with flush pocket doors?

    When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of flush pocket doors, the choice of handles and locks plays a crucial role. Flush pocket doors are designed to provide a clean, unobtrusive look, and the selection of appropriate hardware can maintain this seamless appearance while offering the necessary security and privacy features.

    Handles for flush pocket doors are intentionally designed to sit flush with the door surface, ensuring a sleek and uncluttered visual appeal. There are several options to consider:

    • Flush Pulls: Flush pulls are a popular choice for pocket doors. They are embedded into the door, creating a nearly invisible handle when the door is closed. Flush pulls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to align them with your interior design preferences.
    • Recessed Handles: Similar to flush pulls, recessed handles are designed to sit within a recessed area in the door, maintaining a streamlined look. These handles can provide a comfortable grip while being discreet and functional.
    • Edge Pulls: Edge pulls are handles that are installed on the edge of the door, allowing you to slide the door open by gripping the edge. They are an excellent choice for situations where a more minimalist appearance is desired.

    In terms of locks, flush pocket doors can incorporate a range of locking mechanisms to ensure security and privacy:

    • Privacy Locks: Privacy locks are designed to provide a locking function for spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. These locks can be engaged from the interior side of the door, preventing entry from the outside while the room is occupied.
    • Key-Operated Locks: For added security, key-operated locks can be integrated into flush pocket doors. These locks require a key to unlock and open the door, providing control over access to a specific area.
    • Hook or Bolt Locks: In some cases, hook or bolt locks can be used with pocket doors. These locks extend into the door frame, securing the door in place and preventing it from sliding open.

    It's essential to ensure that the chosen handles and locks are compatible with the specific flush pocket door system you're using.