Bi-directional Soft-Close with anti-slam | For Classic and Flush Pocket Door Kit


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Designed for use with ECLISSE Pocket Door Range.


Experience the ultimate convenience with the DS Bi-directional Soft Close with Anti-Slam. This innovative addition to your pocket door ensures a gentle and quiet close, even when the door is slammed shut or opened forcefully. Say goodbye to noisy slams and hello to controlled, peaceful closures.

The bi-directional soft closer has been shortened by 95 mm. It is compatible with a minimum passage size of 660 mm for Syntesis® Flush models and 700 mm for Classic models. The minimum passage size for Classic models can be reduced to 600 mm, but this requires adjustments to the hanging brackets, which may, in turn, prevent the door from fully retracting into the pocket.

Both the Soft Close with Anti-Slam and the Bi-directional Soft-Close with anti-slam are fully integrated into the track. These features guarantee excellent soft closing performance for door panels weighing up to 40 kg and provide effective deceleration for door panels weighing up to 100 kg. Moreover, they are suitable for installation with timber doors.


  • Classic Single and Double Pocket Door System (inc. Wiring-Ready)
  • Syntesis Flush Single and Double Pocket Door System (inc. Wiring-Ready)


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  • Easy to fit
  • Can be retrofitted 


  • NOTE: If ordering a double pocket door system, you will require 2 BIAS® Soft-Close with Anti-Slam
  • The anti-slam functionality is effective to a door panel weight of up to 100Kg, the soft close is effective up to 40Kg.

Compatible with the ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

2-year guarantee on all the pocket door accessories. 

Smooth and noiseless operation, which seamlessly blends into any interior.


Eclisse is a renowned and innovative brand that has left an indelible mark in the field of interior design and architectural solutions. With a strong focus on quality and functionality, Eclisse is widely recognised for its ingenious sliding pocket door systems.

These space-saving solutions have revolutionised the way we perceive and utilise space within our living and working environments.

Eclisse products are meticulously engineered to ensure smooth and noiseless operation, seamlessly blending into any design aesthetic. Their commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike.


We take pride in the quality and durability of the accessories for Classic and Flush Pocket Doors. As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive 2-year guarantee on all our accessories. Rest assured that your Pocket Door accessories are built to last and backed by our dedicated support, ensuring you have peace of mind for the years to come. Experience the convenience and elegance of our pocket door accessories with the confidence of a reliable 2-year guarantee.


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Installation Instructions & Videos

Downloadable PDF Instructions
Installation Videos | Soft Close with Anti-slam

Classic Pocket Door Instructions | Shop Here


Flush Pocket Door Instructions:

Installation Video | Touch Latch

Touch Latch Instructions | Shop Here

Door Edge Finger Pull Video

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FAQ about Add-on Accessories for the Pocket Door Kits

Soft Close vs Soft Closing Anti-Slam mechanisms for Pocket Doors

Soft Closing mechanisms gently guide a pocketing door into a closed position, providing a quiet and controlled closing motion.

We recommend using a Soft Closing Anti-Slam mechanism, which is the superior choice for your pocket door kit. The additional features within this clever add-on, prevent the door from slamming shut, enhancing safety and protecting the door's longevity.

Soft Close Anti Slam Kit | The benefits

The Soft Close Kit Slam Accessory offers several advantages, including reduced noise levels, prevention of door slamming, and protection against potential damage to the door and surrounding walls. It ensures a quieter and safer door operation.

Self-closing system for Classic Pocket Doors | How does it work?

The self-closing system for Classic Pocket Doors is equipped with a mechanism that automatically pulls the door back into its pocket once released. This feature ensures the door closes smoothly and securely without the need to manually close it.

A Coordination Kit | What is it and why is it essential?

A Pocket Door Coordination Kit ensures synchronised movement of multiple pocket doors within a space. It guarantees that all the doors open and close simultaneously, maintaining an orderly and aesthetically pleasing look.

Touch Latch for pocket doors | What is it and what are its benefits?

The Pocket Door Touch Latch allows users to open and close the door by simply applying light pressure to the door's surface, eliminating the need for traditional handles. This sleek and modern accessory offers convenience and adds a minimalist touch to the pocket door's appearance.

About the Eclisse Pocket Door Systems

About Eclisse

Eclisse, is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality pocket door solutions. The Eclisse Pocket Doors are meticulously designed to transform your living spaces, offering a perfect blend of functionality, style, and space-saving convenience. You can unlock the full potential of your interiors, optimising room layouts and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The pocket door systems revolutionise traditional door openings by seamlessly integrating the doors into the wall cavities. This innovative approach allows the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall, freeing up valuable floor space and creating a harmonious flow between rooms. Whether you're looking to maximise space in residential homes, commercial spaces, or hospitality environments, these Pocket Doors are the ideal choice.

But it doesn't stop there. Eclisse goes beyond just pocket door frames by providing a complete solution. Offering a range of accessories, including soft-close mechanisms, self-closing systems, and jamb kits, to enhance functionality and add those finishing touches to your pocket door installation.

With the collection of Pocket Doors, you can experience the benefits of increased usable space, improved traffic flow, and a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Transform your living or working spaces with our innovative and stylish pocket door solutions.

Browse the collection and discover the possibilities that these pocket doors will bring to your interior design projects.

How to order a pocket door system

Crafted with precision engineering and attention to detail, the pocket door systems are built to last.

Utilising high-quality materials, including galvanised steel frames, which provide strength, stability, and durability. The range includes various configurations to suit different requirements, from single pocket doors to double pocket doors for wider openings. We even offer fire-rated options for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

What is the different between a Classic pocket door system and a Flush pocket door system?

The main difference lies in their appearance and functionality. A Classic Pocket Door slides into a concealed pocket within the wall, while a Flush Pocket Door sits flush with the wall surface when closed, without creating a visible pocket.

What makes the Eclisse pocket door the best choice for pocket door systems?

Crafted with precision engineering and attention to detail, the pocket door systems are built to last.

Utilising high-quality materials, including galvanised steel frames, which provide strength, stability, and durability. The range includes various configurations to suit different requirements, from single pocket doors to double pocket doors for wider openings. We even offer fire-rated options for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Easy Installation

Installation is made easy with the user-friendly systems. We provide comprehensive instructions and support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process. The pocket door systems are suitable for both new construction projects and retrofits, offering versatility and adaptability to any setting.

Guarantee / Warranty

The Eclisse galvanised steel pocket system, including the top track holder and steel doorpost, is suitable for use with standard type doors. The wooden jamb kit, including dust brushes and a recessed wooden door post with internal rubber bumpers, is also supplied.

  • The Eclisse steel system is guaranteed for 15 years against material and manufacturing defects. The installation is not our responsibility and is not covered by our guarantee.
  • The wooden jamb kit is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • A 2-year guarantee is offered on accessories.