Exterior House Moulding / Rafter Foot | RF01


RF01 rafter feet are installed at eaves level to create an "Open Eaves" effect. The RF01 rafter boots are manufactured in a tough white duropolymer.

These are usually installed directly onto soffits at 600mm centres. Unlike true open eaves details created from overhanging trusses our man-made rafter feet are weather resistant, and will never need re-decorating.

Each rafter foot should be fixed from above using a suitable screw (not supplied) prior to the roof being felt and battened. Retro-fitting on PVCu soffits can be achieved by using super glue and activator.

Note: The RF01 is purely decorative. Supplied in RAL 9003 white. 10 Year Warranty. No need to decorate.


+ Water resistant

+ Durable

+ Sharp detailing and smooth finish

+ All of the standard exterior products come with a 10-year warranty when fitted in accordance with installation instructions.


Polyurethane / DuroPolymer is a light weight; easy to handle material with good 3D definition giving crisp design details. Site decoration not required which overall makes the exterior range a great and cost effective building option.


L 11.3 cm x H 4.8cm x W 6.5cm