Exterior House Coving/Cornice Moulding | C820


A medium sized 2.4 metre long cornice suitable for external applications.

Typically used to embellish the eaves of substantial detached dwellings. Also used as a decorative detail on larger top Flat Top dormers.

The C820 softens eaves details, and is frequently used on taller buildings.

Use one tube of FDP700 to install up to 8 metres of cornice. Use FX200 joint adhesive for all mitre and butt joints - one tube is sufficient for 80m of cornice profile.


+ Water resistant

+ Durable

+ Sharp detailing and smooth finish

+ All of the standard exterior products come with a 10-year warranty when fitted in accordance with installation instructions.



Polyurethane / DuroPolymer is a light weight; easy to handle material with good 3D definition giving crisp design details. Site decoration not required which overall makes the exterior range a great and cost effective building option.


L 244cm x H 20cm x W 16 cm