Coving Moulding No.352 - Uplighting


Coving No.352 is a large, contemporary uplighting coving / cornice.  This is one of our plainest profiles in Cornice Lighting Collection which includes a range of concealed lighting coving. The clever design of this profile means that once installed, gives the appearance of a floating cornice.  Can be used along with any LED rope or tape lighting to create a contemporary, indirect lighting effect.  No.352 also features a subtle shadow line at the bottom which adds to the floating effect.  Remember that all of our uplighting coving  can also be used as a normal ceiling coving profile.

Uplighting or trough lighting has become increasingly popular with hotel, bar and restaurant industry and architects often include No.352 in their designs.

Waterproof, hard wearing and easy to install using our specially designed adhesives.  Primed in white finish ready for final coat of paint.

Install approximately 15-20cm from the ceiling.  The further down the wall the coving sits, the more the light will diffuse upwards.


Dimensions & Info

7.6cm High (Wall) x 17.1cm Projection.

Length – 2 metres

    - Purotouch®

    TOP TIP – We recommend using our No.700 Hydro adhesive for all uplighting coving installation.  Use along with our No.210 / No.200 mitre glue for extra strong hold of all joints and mitres.


    DESIGN IDEA – Uplighting coving can be used as a feature on just one wall rather than around the full perimeter of your room.  Simply run along one wall into the corners or cut a stop end piece on approach to the corners. 


    ** LED lighting not included with product.**