Coving Moulding No.323 (Small) - Classic


This new and designer cornicing is the definition of elegance and would suit a range of rooms and home styles.

One great feature of this cornice moulding is that if you install it at a height between 100mm and 600mm lower than the ceiling it can be used to disguise a modern LED tape and introduce reflected lighting into the room.

When using the No. 323 cornice as a lighting trough we recommend introducing a further moulding to the ceiling to maximise the classic elegance of your room. 

Other covings which blend in nicely with this profile include No. 321, No. 332 & No. 340.  Once any of these cornices are lit by our No. 323 lighting trough rooms will gain a sense of style, with every curve and detail looking subtly different.

Dimensions & Info

- Can be used to conceal a lighting strip

  • Width:4.2 cm
  • Height:5.5 cm
  • Length:200 cm

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