6ft Rail length


SKU: QG.4006.08

Product Description

The hook-over or rolling ladder hardware kits are designed to run along these solid aluminium rails.

The rails can be joining together with a joining kit (QG.41) to make longer lengths. These rails can also be cut down on-site to create the perfect length for your bookcase or shelving.

* You will need to choose rail brackets to hold up your rail

* You will need to order end caps to finish off the ends of your rails

About Quiet Glide

About Quiet Glide:

"Our unique ladder rail system is the only library ladder rail kit on the market that offers solid aluminium rails - not hollow tubes. The Quiet Glide rolling ladders are made from the metal-work to the steam-bent handrails. All the parts on a Quiet Glide rolling library ladder are machined or manufactured by American Craftsman."

How many support rods?

8ft ladder = 7 support rungs,

9ft ladder = 8 support rungs,

10ft ladder = 9 support rungs

11ft ladder = 10 support rungs

12ft ladder = 11 support rungs

Product Dimensions

6ft in length (1828.8mm)

25mm Diameter

Installation Guide

Don't forget to add a joining kit

Don't forget to add your end cap kit

Don't forget to choose your rail brackets

Whether visually you prefer horizontal or vertical make sure you pick the kinked brackets for hook over hardware and straight for rolling hardware.

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