90° Curved Corner Rail


A rolling ladder that rolls around a curved corner is the ultimate in designer luxury.

To create a ladder that rolls around corners you will need to purchase the Swivel Rollers to go at the top of the ladder and Bottom Wheels along with the 6ft & 8ft rails.

The 90° curved rail is really important as this is where the magic happens. You can join this curved corner rail with straight rails to create a continuous U shaped ladder rail or L shaped ladder rail. Or even a rail that runs around all four walls non stop!

The ladder rails are manufactured to a high specification and have been rigorously tested so you can feel safe and secure when climbing your ladder.




You need to order and end cap kit to finish your rails, as well as brackets to hold up your rail.

This rail can only be used as an inside corner rail. 

Only sold in black.


Overall 870mm x 870mm x 25mm diameter

90* 16 Inch Radius