Wall Panel No.114 - Valleys XL


The No.114 Wall Panel ‘Valleys XL’ is the newest addition to our 3D Wall Covering collection. The scooped traditional repetitive design started life with the No.109 Valleys Wall panel and now we are introducing the No.114 panel which is an extra large version of the design.

Play around with various shapes and use fun colour accents as a finishing touch. This panel has endless design possibilities and can be used as a floor to ceiling wall panel, use as a standard height wall panel with a dado rail or use on the ceiling to create a sleek, contemporary look.

Vertically? If you cut the 2 metre long panel into two and install it above your skirting boards it will create a fabulous wainscotting effect. Trim it top and bottom with our No.190 moulding for LED's and light up the slat details for the perfect finish.

Horizontally? Each 250mm wide panel could really enhance the walls of any room.


Design Tip - Finish the panel with moulding No.190 or No.194 to cap the panel on either side to give a finished off framed look.



+ Lightweight & Easy to install

+ Spray paint or paint by hand on-site after the panels have been fitted

+ Can be used to “cover over” walls which are in a poor condition – without the requirement for masses of filling and making good before-hand.


Dimensions & Info

- 200cm tall x 25cm wide  x 1.5cm Projection

- Purotouch® ‎material