Style + Function – why library ladders are perfect for hotels, restaurants & bars

We work closely with interior designers, architects and developers to specify our products for commercial use in a whole range of spaces. Our rolling and hook over library ladders have become increasingly popular as a practical solution for reaching high shelving whilst adding a unique style feature at the same time. Our library ladders can be seen in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, brasseries, hairdressers, distilleries, wine merchants, interiors showrooms and much more. We supplied a record length of rails that wrapped around all four walls in a large library in London!

Dishoom with a library ladder from LL Company

Quality plays an important part 

Our library ladders are made to the highest quality standards and are robust enough to endure high level usage in really busy environments. The ladders have been tested through 10,000 cycle checks to ensure the technology can withstand a lifetime of use. Your clients and colleagues need to feel as safe as possible when climbing our ladders and so the in-built brake that automatically applies upon mount is essential. Grip treads and handles can also be added for and extra level of safety.

Another clever design solution is the stowaway option. The ladders can be neatly stored in a vertical position so that they don’t get in the way when not in use. This is particularly useful in a busy bar situation, or public area where there is a lot of traffic.

Our product offers real flexibility in terms of interchangeable hardware and finishes to suit whatever interior you are designing. Delivered in a raw state in either Red Oak or Walnut they are ready to paint, stain or lacquer to fit your scheme.

The Port Hotel with a library ladder from LL Company

Whatever interior you are specifying for, we have a library ladder to suit from hook over library ladders, rolling hook, rolling library ladders, corner rolling library ladders, mezzanine ladders or study ladders. We will support you at every stage of the ordering process from looking at plans and drawings, measuring, deciding finishes to final installation guidance.

Library Ladders for Hotel Design

Interior designers regularly use our library ladders in their hotel schemes. They add a unique design feature to any interior and are both practical and stylish. In addition, the convenience of our custom ladder design means they can be incorporated into any space without worrying about height, length or finishes.

If our standard height ladders don’t work for your needs, let us know your rail mount height and we can build you a bespoke ladder. Wood finishes for the ladders themselves are either Red Oak or Walnut, hardware is available in either matt black, oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel, including the rails which come in set lengths that can be joined together for as long as required.

Our hook over and rolling library ladders can be seen all over hotels in libraries (of course!), dressing rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bootrooms, spa changing rooms, mezzanine bedroom ladders, wine cellars and hotel bars.  

As previously mentioned, our products are made to the highest quality standards and are suitable for commercial use. In busy spaces, with multiple users, our library ladders will stand up to wear and tear. The technology used to design the Quiet Glide product ensures a limited lifetime guarantee and we suggest painting them in a protective lacquer if they are going to be used on a daily basis.

Use our easy Online Ladder Builder to select the design features required, or call our Customer Service team who can help you with measurements, finishes and installation guidance.

Case Study: Port Hotel by Imraan Ismail Interiors

The Port Hotel with a library ladder from LL Company

The Port Hotel with a library ladder from LL Company

The chic, boutique Port Hotel in Eastbourne resembles an interior you might find in Manhattan or Miami. The interior designer Imraan Ismail chose a full rolling library ladder in a raw finish for the bar area. The simplicity of the black rail and horizontals of the rungs works in harmony with the geometrical bar design, rows of bottles and shimmering pink light disc as the focal point.

Library Ladders for Bars

Restaurant and hotel bars are often the focal point of the building, a space where people gather, where the fun happens and where money is spent!

For this reason, we know how important library ladders are in order to maximise space, reach high shelves and add a unique style feature. Coupled with bold geometric shelving design and atmospheric lighting, using a library ladder is a winning combination.

One exciting feature of the Quiet Glide rolling library ladders is that they have been ergonomically designed with patented technology to glide smoothly and quietly along the rail. This is particularly important in a public space where the mechanism is required to function with every use.

Choose a rolling library ladder which can be built to your bespoke specification – both in height and length. The ladder rails are supplied in 6ft and 8ft lengths which can be joined together (with a joining kit) to make longer runs of rails or you can cut them down on-site to create the perfect size for your space.

Case Study: Alberts Schloss Schnapps Bar

Albert Schloss Schnapps Bar with a library ladder from LL Company

We supplied the Alberts Schloss bar with a 13 foot ladder to reach bottles of schnapps on the very highest shelves! This bar design is integral to the whole brand and we’re excited that our library ladders are a part of it.

Library Ladders for Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Dishoom with a library ladder from LL Company

Dishoom with a library ladder from LL Company

Case Study: Dishoom ~ Indian restaurant

Designed to imitate the old Irani cafes (there were over 400 in 1960’s Bombay), Dishoom restaurants evoke faded grandeur with smoky mirrors, dark wood furniture and sepia family portraits. In keeping with this old colonial style, Interiors UK have designed this chain of restaurants with entire walls of tall shelves stacked high with curry powders, jars of tea, bottles and sauces. Rolling library ladders complete the look while offering a practical way of retrieving these items.

Case Study: Watchhouse ~ Coffee Shop

Watchouse Coffee shop with a library ladder from LL Company

This new chain of trendy coffee shops in London brand themselves as ‘Modern Coffee’ with design ethos stemming from a former 19th century watch house on Bermondsey Street. Well considered, uncluttered and practical design principles lead their interiors which is more like a luxury retail experience than a traditional coffee shop. Neatly stowed away ladders hang at various points along bespoke cabinetry for shop assistants to retrieve specialist coffees. For this design, only our hardware was used.

Case Study: Balthazar London

Balthazar London with a library ladder from LL Company

Renowned Covent Garden Brasserie Balthazar with its distinctive red awnings and classic Parisian style has been designed to feel as though Toulouse Letrec could walk through the door at any moment! This classic bistro has accent colours of burgundy and black, with our rolling library ladder taking stage with its dark stained wood set against a back lit drinks cabinet.

Photo credit to @massifavaretto  

Reasons to specify Library Ladders from LL Company:

  1. Our ladders are suitable for commercial use
  2. Our ladders are safe, with in-built foot breaks, grip treads and handles (please specify)
  3. We are happy to look at plans and drawings when advising on suitable library ladders
  4. We can help you when choosing finishes
  5. We can supply installation guidance and instructions at any stage
  6. Our ladder heights reach up to 14 foot tall

Ordering and specifying Library Ladders for commercial use:

  1. If you have a clear understanding of what you require, please go ahead and use our Online Ladder Builder which will guide you through selecting all the elements of your library ladder:
  2. If our standard height ladders are not suitable for your project, please get in touch for a Bespoke Ladder Quotation.
  3. For more information about how our library ladders work, go online here:
  4. Shop library ladder components separately here:


Please get in touch at any time with questions about our library ladders


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