Kitchens are the heart of any home and busy spaces for cooking, eating and socialising. Take your time to select high quality and innovative products that will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed every day. Kitchen design offers huge scope to experiment and create a unique space.

Many of our customers are choosing wall panelling for splashbacks, islands and cupboard doors, as a contemporary alternative to ceramic tiles. Their water-resistant, hard wearing quality means they are ideal for this purpose and can be painted in subtle colours or something bold to create a striking focal point.

The 3D wall panelling acts as a strong contrast against cabinetry work, countertops and walls adding detail and texture. Both functional and aesthetic design details are crucial in kitchen design from choosing hardware, paint colour, barstools, kitchen islands and splashbacks. Our lightweight, easy to cut wall panelling is versatile enough to be used in various zones of your kitchen (except behind a hob) and can even be hung at different angles.

Cover unfinished or bumpy walls with wall panelling for a neat and elegant look. Kitchen spaces work harder than any other room in the house, so choose this durable Purotouch product for longevity.

  1. Wall Panelling for Kitchen Splashbacks

There are so many more options for kitchen splashbacks nowadays than square ceramic tiles. Why not opt for contemporary wall panels that can be cut to fit an exact space. Hard wearing, water-resistant and neat, wall panels are a great alternative to traditional tiles. Primed and ready to paint, they can form a textured, subtle detail in your kitchen or a bright and bold feature.

Although linear panelling styles are an obvious choice for simplicity, you could also consider Cobble No. 113 and Ridges No. 112.

kitchen wall panelling from LL Company

Valleys No. 109

Ridges wall panelling from LL Company

Ridges No. 112

Cobble wall panelling from LL Company

Cobble No. 113

2. Wall Panelling for Kitchen Islands

There is a current trend for repetitive design and our textured wall panelling with vertical designs lend themselves perfectly to covering kitchen islands. Adding a design detail that’s interesting and innovative, it acts as a nice contrast to the smooth elements within a kitchen, such as countertops.

Used on both kitchen islands and walls, you can paint them tonally to tie the whole scheme together (see the different tones of blue used in the images below). Why not combine panelling with hidden lighting by using our LED Coving Collection – the results are highly sophisticated (see below).

We recommend Valleys No. 109, Valleys XL No. 114, Hills No. 110, Bars No. 111, Bars XL No. 116, Zig Zags No. 108.

Hills wall panelling from LL Company

Hills No. 110    

wall panelling from LL Company

kitchen wall panelling from LL Company

3. Wall Panelling for Kitchen Walls

The benefits of using wall panelling in your kitchen are many. The panels are made of a durable product called Purotouch, which will withstand knocks and scuffs and remain fresh and modern. Cover up old and uneven walls with panelling for a fresh and modern look.

As the busiest room in the house, our kitchens see heavy traffic throughout the year and demand hard wearing surfaces. Coupled with attractive styles, this makes panelling a very attractive option for your kitchen interior. These images show Bars No. 111 used from floor to ceiling, making a statement in grey-blue paint matching the banquette.

Wall panelling can be bought in 2 metre panels and is easy to cut, lightweight to hang and primed ready to paint. Their water-resistance quality makes them perfect for kitchens, bootrooms and laundry rooms particularly when painted with wipeable paint.

kitchen panelling from LL Company

kitchen panelling from LL Company

4. Updating Kitchen Cupboard Doors with Wall Panelling

Do your kitchen cupboards need freshening up? You may not have considered wall panels as a way to update cupboard faces, but they are perfect! Sold in 2 metre panels with a slim projection of 1.3cm, they can easily be cut and glued to doors. This polyurethane product doesn’t splinter or crack when cut – in fact it behaves like wood in that you can cut it with a saw or a jigsaw. 

Neat, clean and modern, they’ll provide an instant update, with our vertical styles lending well to this project.

kitchen wall panelling from LL Company

Bars panel No. 111

kitchen panelling from LL Company

Zig Zags panel No.108  

5. Kitchen Bars with Wall Panelling

Since lockdown, home bars have become more popular than ever. Creating relaxation spaces has become integral in any home, whether that’s a home gym, quiet space, reading corner or home bar and socialising area (indoor and outdoor!).

In the same way that wall panelling works well for kitchen islands, it lends itself perfectly to covering bars. With a depth of 1.3cm, the panels are a very versatile wall covering. Bars are often built as a bespoke product to fit a particular space with specific requirements and need to be finished off – what better than the robust qualities of Purotouch.

LL Company sell this product to a multitude of commercial spaces from hotels, wine bars, restaurants, shops and delicatessens. Considered a high quality, durable choice for busy public spaces, it will certainly stand the test of time in your own home.

kitchen panelling from LL Company

kitchen panelling from LL company

Bars No. 111 panelling

kitchen panelling from LL company

Zig Zags No. 108   

Valleys 109 panelling from LL Company

Valleys No. 109

Top Features of our 3D Wall Panelling

  • Lightweight and easy to cut and hang using our special adhesive
  • Primed and ready to paint
  • Water-resistant so ideal for kitchens
  • Can be used to cover walls that are in poor condition, without the requirement for filling and making good beforehand.
  • Comes in 200cm tall x 25cm wide panels 1.3cm projection

When you need a little help

If you need any help measuring for wall panelling, simply get in touch with the dimensions of the area you would like to cover. We can supply special wall adhesive to ensure long lasting results.

We can also provide a CAD drawing service to help you design a room or whole house – price dependent on project.

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