Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. The season brings about a sense of freshness and a longing for a new beginning. And what better way to celebrate this rejuvenating time of the year than with a new colour palette? The Spring 2023 Palette is here, and it is full of life and vibrancy.



This palette is made up of six colours, each carefully chosen to capture the essence of the season. The colours are a combination of warm and cool tones, with vibrant shades of yellow, green, and peach pink, balanced out with paler hues of blue, lilac, and off-white green.    


Early Lavender - No.260
Early Lavender - No.260 is a soft and delicate shade of lilac that represents the reawakening of nature during springtime. Its calming properties evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity, making it an ideal colour for a bedroom or meditation space. This traditional lavender shade is a favourite among designers and pairs beautifully with white for a bright, purple-pink tone that adds a playful touch to any space. Early Lavender - No.260 is a light, pastel tone that is perfect for nurseries and bedrooms. It also provides a clean and fresh finish for light, airy spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. For an added visual interest, it pairs beautifully with wall panel No. 109 - Valleys and No. 110 - Hills.
Golden Square - No.131
This paint embodies a warm yellow hue that brings to mind the bright and sunny days of spring. It has a cheerful and positive vibe that can uplift any space with joy and happiness. Whether used as an accent in a living room or a bold statement in a kitchen, it adds a welcoming touch. The bright yellow shade also has slight orange undertones, giving it a contemporary and inviting radiance. Unlike Circle Line - No.45, this colour has a more subdued character, making it versatile for playful use in larger quantities. For a striking contrast, pair it with white-painted wall mouldings, coving, and skirting.
Lambeth Walk - No.210

Lambeth Walk - No.210, a serene and cool off-white blue that pays homage to the new growth of spring. It's a revitalising colour that infuses a space with a sense of renewal and vitality. This vintage pale blue, originating from our original Lambeth factory, gained popularity during the 1950s. With subtle umber undertones and a slight green-black darkening, Lambeth Walk - No.210 offers both depth and interest, while imparting a fresh and sweet quality to any room. Whether you seek a soothing and peaceful pale blue hue, this paint fits the bill beautifully. It works well as a neutral background in bedrooms and bathrooms or as a featured colour on all walls. 

For those seeking to add a pop of colour to their exterior door or garden shed, this paint is perfect. Mylands paint finishes are available in options that are ideal for both interior and exterior use.

Peach Flesh Pink - No.268

Peach Flesh Pink - No.268, a gentle and charming peach pink shade that brings a touch of playfulness to any space. Its feminine undertones make it an ideal accent colour for a nursery or a study.

This versatile colour is a lovely mix of yellow oxide and bright red pigment, making it both vibrant and delicate. Use it to create a welcoming warmth in your hallway or pair it with greens, botanical prints, or any shade of blue for a beautiful effect.

When paired with white woodwork, Peach Flesh Pink creates a bright and fresh ambiance, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your home decor.


Primrose Hill - No.201

Primrose Hill - No.201 is a vibrant green shade that embodies growth and vitality, making it ideal for a craft room or an artist's studio. Inspired by the Verdure tapestries, this forest green paint has a bright yellow undertone and earthy umber undertones, giving it a natural and botanical feel. It is a versatile colour that works well in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, paired with cream neutrals or darker greens. To complete the look, consider pairing it with darker green shades or dark grey and wooden slatted panels.


St. James - No.40
Lastly, there's St. James - No.40 is a pale and dreamy blue that evokes the clear and bright skies of spring, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to any space. It works well as an accent colour in a living room or a bedroom. The colour is inspired by an 1835 wallpaper discovered in the St James's area of London. This subtle green-toned off-white paint has a natural feel that contrasts beautifully with darker shades of green and earthy colours. Its paleness gives it an airy quality, making it perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. It looks beautiful against natural stone or wood. For a stunning look, consider painting it on wall panel No. 111 - Bars, No. 116 - Bar XL, or No. 119 - Mix Bar.
In conclusion, the Spring 2023 Palette is a beautiful and vibrant collection of colours that capture the essence of the season. Whether you want to bring a sense of renewal and growth to your home or add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your space, these colours have got you covered. So go ahead and embrace the season with these beautiful colours!
April 26, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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