Have you ever thought of using wall panels on your ceiling? Wall panels have become a popular choice for both homeowners and interior designers, and our 3D wall panels were recently featured in The Saga Exceptional blog. The article, titled "The fifth wall: inspiration for adding colour to your spare room ceiling," explores different ways to add interest and texture to your ceiling, including paint, mouldings, and panels. In the "Paint meets pattern with ceiling mouldings and panels" section, our 3D wall panels were featured as a way to create a ceiling design.

While the idea of using wall panels on your ceiling may seem unconventional, it's actually a clever way to add depth and dimension to your space. Wall panels can be installed in various patterns and configurations, such as squares, rectangles, or even intricate designs like diamonds or chevrons. This can create a striking focal point in your room and elevate its overall aesthetic.
The Saga Exceptional article suggests pairing wall panels with ceiling mouldings, such as cornice/coving, LED coving, or even ceiling roses, to make the design pop. Mouldings are a decorative trim that can be used to frame the panels and add even more visual interest to the ceiling. The combination of wall panels and ceiling mouldings can create a beautiful and cohesive look that ties the room together.
Another benefit of using wall panels on your ceiling is that they can help absorb sound and improve acoustics in the room, which is especially useful in spare rooms that may double as a home office or music studio.
We offer a wide selection of wall panels for your ceiling, including wood panels that can add warmth and texture, as well as 3D panels that create a unique and eye-catching effect and are lightweight and easy to install.
In conclusion, adding wall panels to your ceiling is a creative and fun way to incorporate colour and texture into your space. By pairing them with ceiling mouldings, you can create a cohesive and stylish design that will make your spare room stand out. If you're looking for more inspiration and ideas on how to elevate your home's interior design, check out The Saga Exceptional blog, as well as our other blogs.
April 19, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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