The classic rolling library ladder often evokes images of majestic libraries, full of epic bookshelves, and maybe Belle sing-songing about escaping her provincial life. But they can be used for a great variety of purposes – from straight utilitarian practicality, or adding a unique sense of design and room architecture. You may even be able to combine the two; let’s browse how a rolling library ladder could be just the right addition for your room.


The most obvious and historic use of rolling ladders was for libraries, and the recent image above it the perfect example of this still being the number one application for our rolling library type hardware and ladders.


Our ladders are so versatile that they can be used for many interior set ups. On of out rolling library ladders has been used here to access high level storage in these cupboards.


Creating the ultimate in luxury living, our ladders are the perfect stylish accessory for bespoke bookcases set in either a living room, study or dining area. You can see from the image above that our rolling library ladders can be stowed and tucked away vertically, making them functional as well as beautiful.


With storage in kitchens being king, our rolling library ladders make sure that you can create and access high level cupboards. In the photo above, this ladder is being used to reach an extensive collection of wine in racking above.


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