Wall Primer Paint


Wall Primer Paint

A high opacity, low odour, micro-porous, water thinned wall primer sealer displaying excellent adhesion to most existing finishes. Highly recommended for use under Mylands water based finishes for internal applications. Suitable for preparing new plaster, friable or patch-repaired surfaces, following appropriate preparation.

Get inspired for your painting project and check out the whole range of paint colours on offer.

Coverage - On average 1litre covers 14m2 of surface.


Preparation is the key for perfect paintwork. Make sure to have tools, fillers, sealants, sand paper and paint ready for your projects or renovations. When it comes to painting any surface, be it woodwork, metalwork or masonry, make sure to put the work in before application To get the best effect, ensure surfaces are smooth, bump and dirt free before applying a primer and the final choice of colour. See our range of woodcare products to apply on furniture and wooden floors.