No.85 Paint | Chambers Gate


Chambers Gate - A Classic Grey Paint.

Introducing No.85 Paint in the sophisticated shade Chambers Gate—a classic grey paint that transcends trends. This timeless, neutral hue boasts subtle hints of yellow and violet, imparting an enduring, understated elegance to any space. Chambers Gate offers versatility and sophistication, effortlessly blending into diverse interior styles. This enduring paint adds a touch of refined charm, creating a serene atmosphere while maintaining a classic, understated allure. Elevate your interior design with No.85 Paint in Chambers Gate, a perfect blend of timeless appeal and subtle sophistication. 

We recommend: Chambers Gate, a soft and understated grey, is a perfect choice for bedroom or bathroom walls, imparting a serene elegance. This versatile hue also works wonders on woodwork, whether interior doors, skirting boards, kitchen cabinetry, or furniture, adding a touch of sophistication. Consider accentuating architectural details like wall panelling, mouldings, coving, and skirting in Chambers Gate for a seamless flow throughout the space. Applying this graceful grey to ceiling roses enhances the room's cohesion, making it a versatile option for those seeking timeless refinement across various elements in their interiors. 

Similar Colours: No.229, No.77, or No.84. Also see the Grey Paint collection for more inspiration.

Perfect Paint Colour For: Home Office, Walk-In Closets, Hallways, Yoga Studios or Spa Treatment Rooms

Use White Primer and Undercoat.

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