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Mylac Lacquer - Matt

Mylac is a low odour, fast drying single-pack water-based lacquer for floors which has a high level of resistance to common household liquids. It is easy to apply, fast drying and suitable for use in domestic and some commercial environments. Mylac is a fast drying single-pack water-based lacquer which is based on a polyurethane and acrylic (co-polymer) dispersion to give hard wear and resistance to liquid spillages and meets BS7044 (Part 4) 1990 for slip resistance. Mylac is designed for application to internal hardwood or softwood floors in domestic areas but is not suitable for use in areas where regular contact with water is experienced, such as bathrooms.


Preparation is the key for perfect paintwork. Make sure to have tools, fillers, sealants, sand paper and paint ready for your projects or renovations. When it comes to painting any surface, be it woodwork, metalwork or masonry, make sure to put the work in before application To get the best effect, ensure surfaces are smooth, bump and dirt free before applying a primer and the final choice of colour. See our range of woodcare products to apply on furniture and wooden floors.


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