Invisidoor Hinge Kit | Secret Pivot Door Hinge | For Bookcases


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Works with both in-swing and out-swing applications.

Designed to fit bookcases


Introducing the Invisidoor Hinge Kit—a clever and robust system crafted to discreetly integrate with bookcases, transforming them into gateways to hidden spaces. This heavy-duty hinge kit provides a reliable solution, enabling the creation of concealed doorways behind bookcases effortlessly. Whether you're incorporating a bookcase into an existing doorway or fitting it anew with joinery, the Invisidoor hinge offers the perfect mechanism, allowing your bookcase to seamlessly swing inward into the doorway or outward into the room.

Unlock the potential to craft secret rooms for various purposes, be it an office, study, wine cellar, utility room, or a clandestine hideaway. Designed for versatility, the Invisidoor Hinge Kit is your key to enhancing spaces with a touch of mystery and functionality.

For professionals in joinery workshops, kitchen companies, or architecture firms, elevate your offerings by suggesting the inclusion of a secret bookcase doorway. Rest easy knowing that the Invisidoor kit is not only reliable but also adaptable and easy to install. Impress your clients with the allure of hidden spaces, seamlessly blending practicality and intrigue with the Invisidoor Hinge Kit.

We recommend: Combining the Invisidoor Kit with the Secret Book Pull introduces a discreet and clever element to your space. The 'Book Pull,' designed to seamlessly blend in with your book collection on the shelf, discreetly conceals its true purpose. When gently pulled, it ingeniously triggers the door latch, unveiling the concealed doorway and adding a touch of mystery to your surroundings.

Note: Bookcase not included, book pull not included. 

Installation Instructions (Including how to build your own door!)

Can be hinged left or right

Bookcase door not included

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What is the Invisidoor Hinge Kit?

The Invisidoor Hinge Kit is a specialised system designed to discreetly integrate with bookcases, effectively transforming them into hidden doorways. It's a heavy-duty hinge mechanism specifically crafted to facilitate the creation of concealed entrances behind bookcases.

How does the Invisidoor Hinge Kit work?

This hinge kit is engineered to allow bookcases to smoothly swing inward into a doorway or outward into a room. It enables seamless integration and movement, creating a hidden passage behind the bookcase.

What kind of bookcases can the Invisidoor Hinge Kit be installed on?

The Invisidoor Hinge Kit is versatile and can be installed on various types of bookcases, provided they meet certain criteria for weight and dimensions. It's recommended for heavier bookcases to ensure smooth operation.

Invisidoor Hinge Kit

Can the Invisidoor Hinge Kit be used for both new and existing bookcases?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you're incorporating a bookcase into an existing doorway or building a new one, the Invisidoor Hinge Kit offers a reliable solution for seamlessly concealing entrances.

Is professional installation required for the Invisidoor Hinge Kit?

While installation instructions are provided, it's recommended to have a skilled professional handle the installation process to ensure proper fitting and functionality.