Exterior Dentil House Moulding | TF06


The external dentil TF06 is a dentil block usually used as a “hit and miss” detail on larger dwellings with a minimum soffit sizes of 200mm or over.  This dentil is usually installed at eaves level on luxury homes being built to mimic Victorian detailing. 

These are usually installed with the 155mm section against the wall and the 175mm length projecting along the underside of the soffit. TF06 dentils can be spaced at 600mm centres, but are most frequently fitted in a "hit and miss" pattern. In effect this means most applications will require 16 dentils for every 5 metres of soffit. To achieve an architectural balance we recommend using the TF06 dentil on soffit sizes of around 250mm or more.


+ Water resistant

+ Durable

+ Sharp detailing and smooth finish

+ All of the standard exterior products come with a 10-year warranty when fitted in accordance with installation instructions.



Polyurethane / DuroPolymer is a light weight; easy to handle material with good 3D definition giving crisp design details. Site decoration not required which overall makes the exterior range a great and cost effective building option.



L 15.5cm x H 17.5cm x W 7.5cm


Use nails or screws during installation.
Each dentil should be fixed from above by two suitable screws (not supplied) prior to the roof being felt and battened. Retro-fitting on property refurbishments can be achieved.