6ft Rail length


Whether you choose a hook-over ladder or a rolling ladder for your bookcase or kitchen you will always need rails to attach your ladder to. The rails can be attached to cabinetry panels, bookcase fronts or attached to walls depending on how you want to use your ladder.

The ladder rails are manufactured to a high specification and made from solid aluminium and have been rigorously tested so you can feel safe and secure when climbing your ladder.

The rails are supplied in 6ft (1828mm) and 8ft (2438mm) lengths, which can be joined together using a joining kit for longer runs of rail or cut down the perfect size on-site.

You will need to purchase an end cap kit to finish off the ends of your rail as well as brackets to hold up the rail.



- You need to order an end cap kit to finish your rails, as well as brackets to hold up your rail.

- You need a bracket every 3ft (914mm) along your rail.

- The aluminium rails have a sprayed paint finish and during manufacture when the rails are sprayed, they are held up using hooks. These hooks cause marking in the paint at regular intervals on the back of the rails. Once the rail is fitted these manufacturing marks will be completely out of sight.

Finishes: Matt Black, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze (sprayed paint finish)

Dimensions: 6ft(1828mm) or 8ft(2438mm) x 25mm diameter