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What is trending?

Shop our tending products - from wall panels, mouldings, paint and much more. We have a great selection of products perfect for home remodels or just a simple refresh of a room. We have put together a collection of our trending products, for you to shop all the current trends for interiors.

We also have inspiration collections, so if there is a certain design trend you are looking to incorporate into your space, like Scandinavian, Japandi or a Minimalistic style we have created any easy way for you to shop the designs.

Trending Wall Panels & Mouldings

Wall Panel No.121 - Shaker

This wall panelling will add a classic look to your room or space. Our shaker style collection of wall panels are ready-made, boasting detailed design features and beautifully smooth primed ready for painting. The shaker panels are lightweight and will rapidly transform any room into a wow-factor space.

Coving Moulding No.391 (Medium) - Stepped

Coving No. 391 is a medium stepped cornice design range. This is one our new designs can be used as a a normal coving, an LED downlighting coving and can also be used as a curtain coving so that you can hide the curtain track behind it.

The No.391 Coving is perfect for use as a normal stepped cornice and can be turned in either direction.

Wainscoting Wall Panelling - No. 147

Wall Panels No.147 are designed as flat moulding that fit together to create vertical Wainscotting.  The No.147 design is a flat moulding which are installed vertically alongside each other, to create a Wainscoting wall panel effect.  Cut the length to desired height and use vertically on the wall. Each length will clip into the next to give a smooth finish and can be installed with No.169 dado rail and a skirting of your choice. The skirting and dado rail are best added once the panels are fitted.

Top 5 Wall Panelling Trends

Shaker Style

Shaker Style wall panels are a tribute to simplicity and elegance. They feature clean lines, flat, recessed panels framed by stiles and rails, and showcase a minimalistic design that evokes the timeless charm of Shaker furniture. These panels can seamlessly integrate into traditional and transitional homes, adding a touch of classic beauty to your interior.

  • Tip: When installing Shaker-style panelling, ensure that the vertical battens or stiles are evenly spaced for a balanced look.
  • Idea: Consider painting the panelling in a classic and timeless colour such as soft white or light grey. This provides a neutral backdrop for other decor elements and allows you to easily change the room's colour scheme in the future.


Wainscoting panels come in various styles, offering options such as beadboard or raised panel designs. These panels can be painted or stained to match your room's decor, giving you the flexibility to achieve a sophisticated and protective wall covering that complements your interior aesthetics.

  • Tip: Determine the ideal height for wainscoting by considering the proportions of your room. Traditionally, wainscoting reaches about one-third the height of the wall, but you can adjust this to suit your space.
  • Idea: Paint the wainscoting and the upper wall in contrasting or complementary colours. This adds visual interest and can highlight architectural details.

Shiplap / Tongue and Groove

Shiplap panels, with their horizontal boards and slight overlap, provide a charming, rustic, and coastal look, while Tongue and Groove panels provide a seamless and elegant appearance ideal for traditional and cottage-style interiors. These panels can be painted or finished according to your preferences.

  • Tip: When installing shiplap, use five pence-sized spacers to ensure consistent gaps between boards. This creates an even and professional look.
  • Idea: In a coastal-themed room, consider leaving the shiplap or tongue and groove panelling natural or in a soft, muted blue or seafoam green to evoke a beachy ambiance.

Geo Wall Panelling

Geo wall panelling features various geometric shapes, such as hexagons, triangles, or parallelograms, creating visually striking and intricate patterns on your walls. Geo wall panelling offers a fresh and unique approach to interior design, adding a touch of creativity and flair to modern and eclectic spaces. Whether used as an accent wall or to transform an entire room, Geo wall panelling is an exciting way to infuse a sense of artistry and style into your living spaces.

  • Tip: Sketch out the geometric pattern on your wall before installing the panels to ensure precision and symmetry.
  • Idea: Experiment with different colours and finishes to create eye-catching contrasts within the geometric shapes. You can also add LED’s to accentuate the patterns and create a focal point.

Slatted Wooden Wall Panelling

Wood slat panelling involves narrow, evenly spaced wooden slats that cover the entire or partial wall. This design creates a modern, linear, and textured look, suitable for contemporary or Scandinavian interior styles. It's versatile and can be installed vertically or horizontally to achieve different effects.

  • Tip: Install wood slats horizontally for a visually wider and more expansive affect, or vertically for added height and sophistication.
  • Idea: Choose darker, richer tones of wood for a dramatic and modern look. Alternatively, opt for a light, natural finish to maintain a Scandinavian or minimalist aesthetic.
General Tips:

1. Ensure proper wall preparation, including patching, sanding, and priming, before installing any panelling.

2. Incorporate a dado rail or wall moulding to cap off wainscoting or divide different panelling styles.

3. Think about the functionality of your wall panelling. For example, you can add hidden storage or built-in shelves behind some of the panels.

4. Blend your chosen panelling style with the room's overall decor, considering elements like furniture, lighting, and flooring.

Remember that the right wall panelling design can significantly impact the overall ambiance of your space. Whether you prefer a timeless, classic look or a contemporary, geometric statement, the key is to balance style, practicality, and personal taste to achieve the desired effect in your home.

Trending Paint Colours

No. 266 Paint | Soho House

Rich and warm with deep tones of magenta, this colour was used on a residence in London’s Soho. Pretty in its muted nature, Soho House No.266 combines umber, red and blue, with hints of magenta which results in a wonderfully rich and complex paint shade. It is easy to pair with complementary colours and looks soft and muted.

No.50 Paint | Blueprint

Reminiscent of the traditional ‘blue’ used in historical architectural blueprints housed in the National Archives. This unique blue paint is rich and deep, with a slight purple tone which helps it to stand out in any setting. As an accent colour, it is perfect to create a dramatic contrast against bright shades. If you are looking for a moody blue for a dining room or deep blue paint for a living room this colour is the perfect choice.

No. 006 | Paint

A strong mix of red and magenta, this paint walks the line between red and dark pink. A slightly darker and less feminine alternative to No. 27 Paint | Floris, it can provide dramatic energy with plenty of character.

Glamorous Gold Paint

Gold interior paint is a trending design element that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any room. This warm, rich colour can be used as an accent wall, on furniture, or even as a statement ceiling. Gold paint can also be paired with other metallic shades, such as silver or copper, to create a cohesive and sophisticated look. One popular way to incorporate gold paint into a room is to use it on a feature wall or as an accent on built-in cabinetry or moulding. Additionally, gold paint can be used in combination with other colours, such as deep navy or forest green, to create a bold and eye-catching design. Overall, gold interior paint is a versatile and stylish option that can elevate the aesthetic of any space.

Trending Designs


Japandi interior style is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design principles. It combines the minimalism and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the warmth and natural materials of Japanese design.

English Cottage

The English cottage interior style is characterised by its cosy, quaint, and rustic aesthetic. This style is often associated with country homes in rural England, and is known for its use of warm, natural materials and an overall sense of comfort and homeliness.

Organic Modern

Organic modern interior style is characterised by its focus on natural materials, clean lines, and a minimalist aesthetic. This style combines elements of modern design with natural materials such as wood, stone, and plant life to create a serene and uncluttered space.


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