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Ideas on how to add Scandinavian style to your interior.

Striking the right balance between comfort and style is a challenge in any home. But it’s a task that Scandinavia knows how to tackle. Scandinavia—a region known for its long, dark winters—has mastered the art of spending time indoors, and it’s got the cozy-chic interiors to prove it. 

Since Scandinavian style is both simple and thoughtful, it's not nearly as elusive as it seems, and there are tons of ways to draw inspiration from the design style—even if you’re not preparing for a long, dark winter.Architecture is another important component, with detailed millwork such as crown molding and wainscoting playing a significant role.

Scandinavian Panelling Ideas

Wall Panel No.111 - Bars

The ‘Bar’ Panel No.111 is a fantastic new addition to our 3D Wall Covering collection.  The repetitive linear and square off design is a timeless design that can work in modern and traditional rooms and spaces alike. Applying this slatted panel to your walls will instantly transform your walls into a design-led room with a designer feel.

Wainscoting Wall Panelling - No. 147

Wall Panels No.147 are designed as flat moulding that fit together to create vertical Wainscotting.  The No.147 design is a flat moulding which are installed vertically alongside each other, to create a Wainscoting wall panel effect.  Cut the length to desired height and use vertically on the wall. Each length will clip into the next to give a smooth finish and can be installed with No.169 dado rail and a skirting of your choice.

Wall Panel No.116 - Bars XL

The ‘Bar’ Panel No.116 XL is a slatted bar design this was inspired the No.111 Bars Wall panel and now we are introducing the No.116 panel which is an extra large version of the slatted details.

The repetitive linear and square off design is a timeless design that can work in modern and traditional rooms and spaces alike. Applying this slatted panel to your walls will instantly transform your walls into a design-led room with a designer feel.

Scandinavian Wall Moulding Ideas

Skirting No.191

 Skirting board No.191 is one of the tallest skirting in our range.  This is a stunning design which features a plain base with detailed moulding running along the top. This skirting design is perfect for more traditional properties with taller ceiling heights. The added bonus with this skirting is the gap along the bottom which allows you to hide cables or wires behind.

Skirting/Coving/Panelling - Small - No.182

Moulding No.182 is a contemporary style, small plain skirting board.  This lightweight skirting is one of our smallest and plainest profiles and is part of our ‘Cascade’ multifunctional mouldings.  This is a multi-functional mouldings which means that it can be used as a dado rail, wall panelling, door architrave, skirting board or coving.  The possibilities are endless.

Skirting No.118

Skirting board No. 118 is a tall, plain, ogee style skirting board. 

This classic style features a plain ogee moulding at the top which is popular detail used in many architraves and skirting boards.  This is our bestselling skirting and is waterproof, impact resistant and can also be used to conceal unsightly cables. 

Scandinavian Style Doors

The Soho Door

The Soho Door is the epitome of contemporary style and sophistication. This beautiful internal door is the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking to elevate their home's interior design game. With its framed panel design and intricate ribbed beading detailing, the Soho Door is sure to impress and make a statement in any room.

The Henley Door

Introducing the epitome of style and versatility: our 3-paneled internal door with beading detail and various finish and material options. This door is designed to elevate any interior space, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home or office.

The beading detail around the panels creates a timeless look that complements a variety of décor styles, from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern. And with a choice of finish options, you can tailor the door to match your unique vision and personal taste. 

The Rockport Door

Introducing The Rockport Door, the epitome of on-trend and high-quality design. This internal door features a framed panel design with an eye-catching vertical chevron detailing, making it the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of style to their space. With its versatile finishes and materials, The Rockport Door can complement any decor, from modern and minimalistic to traditional and classic.

Scandinavian Paint Colour Ideas

No.254 Paint | Millbank

A soft, dark neutral with great depth and traditional origins. Rich and earthy, Millbank™ No. 254 is a beautiful brown paint which comes across as very warm and incorporates subtle hints of magenta. It is versatile, having a brightening characteristic whilst providing a great accent to white shades.

No. 22 Paint | Kensington Rose

Inspired by exquisite hand-blocked wallpaper with miniature white roses. A soft white with a hint of red ochre. A pale pink rose colour created by red undertones, this paint is light and pretty. It has a clear, airy presence and is almost neutral.

Perfect for any light, airy room, especially bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms or kitchens.

No.75 Paint | Grouse

A deep, warm neutral with hints of red and umber, this paint comes across as a light, dusty brown shade. It has great depth and a fresh, clean appearance.


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