Create atmospheric interiors with indirect lighting. 

Clever lighting and architectural features will lift your interior from average to elegant. Introduce sophisticated mood lighting to your scheme by using indirect lighting across our product ranges for a seamless aesthetic. 

Our Cornice Lighting Collection is a collection of coving, dado rails and wall mouldings that have been designed with led mood lighting in mind. Choose from coving that lets you uplight the ceiling or downlight the walls and instantly add amazing ambience to your room. 

There are so many possibilities when used alongside our decorative panels and traditional mouldings. 

Whether you choose coving, panelling or dado rails, all of these products have been cleverly designed with an led channel to neatly hide electrical wiring. 

Far from being purely functional, good lighting can highlight period features, treasured artworks and add the finishing touch to every room. Get creative with our 3D wall panelling for feature walls and contemporary innovation or opt for a classic Shaker panelling for a luxe hotel vibe. 

6 Ways with Indirect Lighting

Autoir interior moulding No.324 by LLcompany

1. Uplighting using Autoire cornice moulding No. 324 £51.70 per 2 metre length 

 Decorative Wall panel No. 108 + Modern cornice moulding No.383

2. Decorative Wall Panel No. 108 £49.51 used with Modern Cornice moulding No. 383 £92.86 per 2 metre length.  

Stepped cornice range no. 396

3. Stepped Cornice coving No. 396  size large £79.46 per 2 metre length

Indirect lighting in Wall panel No. 108

4. Indirect lighting using Wall Panel No. 120 £86.90 and Wall Panel No. 121 £36.31 used in conjunction with Autoire interior moulding No. 324 installed vertically and horizontally £51.70 per 2 metre length. 

Modern cornice moulding no. 381 by llcompany

5. Uplighting using Modern Cornice moulding No. 381 £81.31

Classic cornice range No. 323 by llcompany

6. Classic Cornice range No. 323 £40.70 per 2 metre length 

We asked two interior design experts to tell us exactly why lighting is so important for interiors....

Dan Gibbons from X Interiors. 

X Interiors

"Lighting is fundamental to interiors as wallpaper is to the walls or carpet underfoot. The warmth, space and ambience lighting gives can change a space more than any other product. It's the first thing we consider when designing a space." 


Julia Alexander:

Julia Alexander Interiors

"Treat your lighting like art rather than a purely functional element. Once you have planned the exact layout of furniture in the space, it's much easier to draw up a lighting scheme. On the topic of art, make sure you also work out exactly where you art or panelling is going and what size it will be. So you can plan your lighting around that too - there's nothing worse than poorly thought out wall lights and panelling which doesn't leave space for artwork." 


What are the benefits of using llc interior decor products? 

- All our products are lightweight and easy to install

- Completely water resistant and robust

- Can be painted to match walls and ceilings or used as features

- Flexible and versatile for use on curved walls and ceilings 

We offer a call back service for anyone seeking professional advice when choosing products or shoping for a complete scheme. 

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