Or to put it another way – the ultimate space saving, genius lockdown design product on the market!

We’ve come through a tough year and our interiors have been shaped by our ‘at home’ living  – often for the better.  We’ve adapted our homes to facilitate new routines including home offices (or ‘cloffices’), extra storage, outdoor rooms, bigger televisions, posh coffee machines and luxury bathrooms! 

Where once we knocked down walls to create open plan living spaces, now we crave privacy and room dividers. The introduction of our new bi-folding barn door kits will be very welcome with the added thrill of being unique to The Library Ladder Company.  

Above: our new sliding barn door hardware allows space saving bi-folding doors to create a partition to a cosy bedroom. 

Investing in our homes

By now we’ve worked out that investing in our homes is a shrewd move and interior design is not wasted time. That’s why we’ve added to our best selling range of sliding barn door kits and can now offer you the bi-folding version – for either a single or double door.

Our rolling barn door hardware offers an incredibly pleasing way of closing off a space without the need for a huge door swing. Basically, there’s a barn door to suit every kind of space from utility rooms, cloffices, wardrobes, children’s toy storage, larders or wine racks.

Above: our bi-folding barn door kits come in both double and single door options.

Clear away the clutter

Removing clutter from your eyeline will make you feel calmer and more in control! We can all understand the pleasure of tidying everything away at the end of the day and pouring a glass of wine. Our range of bi-folding and sliding barn doors allow you to do just that - bringing a stylish and unfussy addition to your interior.

Check out our Sliding Barn Door hardware kits available in modern Matt Black £180 or classic Satin Brass £385


We soon got tired of hot desking on the corner of the kitchen table. It quickly became clear that everyone in the family needed a dedicated space to keep tabs on their laptops, chargers and headphones. If the spare room is already taken or isn’t an option, then consider converting a cupboard into a hidden office. Did you know – searches for ‘Cloffice’ have doubled on Pinterest this year!

Our Single Bi-folding Sliding Door in Matt black is brand new on the market and will neatly hide away your office under the stairs. Prices from £291.00. 

Bi-folding barn door hardware. Image c/o Casa Vogue

Above: 'Cloffice' image c/o Casa Vogue

Bootrooms & Dog Dens

We know the British love dogs and during lockdown enquiries for dog-friendly interiors ballooned! Building a dedicated den for your best friend is top of the list and our bi-folding barn door kits are ideal for muddy boot rooms. Alongside under floor heating, outhouses, bootrooms and laundry rooms were a big hit in 2020.

We think our bi-fold double door hardware kits with a tongue and groove Shaker style door are hardwaring and very doggy friendly. 

Prices from £497 – available in two different styles Top Mount or Front Mount.

Toast & Coffee

Create a neat little coffee and toast station or a larder brimming with spices and jams with one of our sliding or bi-folding barn doors. The industrial finish always looks perfectly in keeping with functional spaces and hides a multitude of sins.

This quirky interior design statement will be the envy of your friends....and your children’s friends! They’ll enjoy the ‘Ta-da’ moment when you reveal your secret cupboard. If you’ve been missing your colleagues at break times, you can now take a proper break with a decent cup of coffee from your new espresso maker.

Try the double bi-fold for the big reveal! From £497.

Sliding barn door hardware. Image c/o Kasey Living

Above: image shows sliding barn door hardware kit. Image c/o Kasey Living. 

Turn dark and claustrophobic corners into playful and private retreats in your home. These bi-fold and sliding barn doors might be the best investment you make all year! 

All available to purchase online at www.llcompany.co.uk 

For more information get in touch here



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Hi Tara,
Thank you for your comment! To find more information about the single Bi-folding barn door kit, please visit the following link: https://llcompany.co.uk/collections/sliding-barn-door-kits/products/black-bi-folding-sliding-barn-door-kit. You’ll discover all the details you need on the product page. Thank you for your interest!

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Tara Buxton said:

Hi, do you have details of your single bi-fold barn door kits please. Thanks

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