If you're in the market for a library ladder, you're probably looking for a stylish and functional addition to your home, this could be for an office, home library, kitchen, wardrobe or any room you desire. A library ladder can provide easy access to high shelves and cabinets, and it can also serve as a unique and visually appealing design element. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right ladder for your needs and space. Here are a few key factors to consider when shopping for a library ladder.

What size ladder will work for your space?

First, consider the size of the ladder. Library ladders come in a range of heights, so it's important to choose a ladder that is the right size for your needs and space. Think about the height of the shelves or cabinets you'll be accessing, as well as the width of the ladder and the amount of space you have available to store it.

The ladder sits onto a rail which is mounted to your wall or joinery and this could be positioned on a shelf front midway up your bookcase or mounted at the very top. In a kitchen you might want to mount your ladder rail above tall cupboards with a row of smaller storage cupboards above the rail. Whatever your application, make sure to consult the technical information to ensure you have enough clearance space above the rail for your ladder.  

The starting point for working out which height ladder you need is based on where you want to mount the ladder rail. If that height is already fixed then you might need to use one of the custom made to measure ladders. However, if you have flexibility over where you can mount the rail you could make use of a standard height ladder. These standard ladders have a pre-set height at which the rail needs to be mounted. The standard ladders are in stock and have a short lead-time making them a great choice if you want your ladder quickly.

When considering the weight of the ladder it is best to also consider the hardware. We offer rolling hardware options, which are heavier or a simple hook option which is lighter.  Consider if you are wanting to be able to move the ladder around the space regularly or if you just need a static ladder.


Interior Ladder Material

Next, consider the material of the ladder. All our ladders are made from solid wood with a choice of Oak, Walnut and Maple. The ladders have beautifully traditional detailing, such as a hand-turned grab rung at the top of the ladder, rounded edges along the sides and chamfered corners on the steps.

Rolling or Pivot Ladder

Another factor to consider is the type of ladder. Ladders typically come in two types: rolling ladders and folding ladders. Rolling ladders are mounted on wheels and can be easily moved from one location to another, making them a good choice for multi-purpose spaces. Folding ladders can be more compact and are a good choice for smaller spaces or for use as a decorative element when not in use. We offer rolling, hook rolling, hook over and basic hook on hardware options for library ladders. We have recently introduced a stunning new pivot ladder design which not only is practical but will beautifully compliment any interior design style.


What Style Ladder are you looking for?

Finally, consider how you are going to style your ladder. It's important style your ladder so that is complements your existing décor. Think about the overall design aesthetic of the room and choose a ladder that fits in with your style.

 Our ladders are supplied unfinished so you can choose to finish the ladder with a lacquer, stain or paint to match your home and interior.  The ladder details offer a more classic aesthetic however they can be transformed into a more modern style with a striking paint – such as charcoal!

Whether your own interior style is traditional to modernour ladders are the perfect choice - choose to keep them natural with the rustic wood look, stain the wood to give a more edgy appearance or choose from a wide selection of paints to tie your ladder into your interior seamlessly. The hardware is available in black, bronze and nickel colours to fit in with the original hardware of your property.


In conclusion, finding the right library ladder involves considering the size, material, type, and style of the ladder. By taking the time to consider these factors, you can ensure that you choose a ladder that is functional, stylish, and well-suited for your space.

January 18, 2023 — LL Company Marketing

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