Interior decor is a lot like fashion, everyone has a different style that is personal to them and their home. Whether you prefer your home to be Contemporary or Traditional, modern or classic: some people prefer sleek lines and simple style while others more grandeur and ornate designs. Both interior design styles are practical and aesthetically beautiful in their own right, which can be adapted for seasons and trends.
Contemporary and traditional are at the core of every interior design style and it's through features such as wall panelsmouldings and paint colour that can bring these styles to life throughout your interior.

But what is your style?

Let’s do a quick test: are you all time classic or minimalist modern?

Below are five statements to determine your style. Choose the answer that suits your design aesthetic best.


1. I like clean lines and geometrical shapes

2. I like organic lines and curves

1. I’m not afraid to think outside the box

2. I’m all about proportion and symmetry

1. I think (too much) detailing is overrated

2. I love intricate shapes and ornaments

1. I like my spaces to be simple and clutter free

2. I’m a big fan of accessories and a variety of textures

1. Function is more important to me than form

2. I value aesthetics over practicality


Now count the number of times you answered either 1 or 2.


Mostly 1’s?

Then you’re a true modernist.

Discover the Modern style here.

Mostly 2’s?

You’re all about the classics.

Learn more about the Classic collection.


Find your perfect style

Whatever your style, we will have something perfect for you. Why not get inspired? Take a look at some other amazing interior design styles.


From skirting to cornice, to wall panels and mouldings mix and match or use one profile for everything to achieve a cohesive design, the results are always unique. Start 2023 with a fresh look to your space whether you’ve been thinking about adding an accent wall, decorating your bedroom or maybe wanting to add a ladder to your kitchen. We will have something for you!

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