If you’re attracted by the glamour and iconic design of the roaring 20’s, bring some Art Deco style into your home with our range of period decorative interior mouldings.

Short for Arts Decoratifs, it’s an easily identifiable style with its bold geometric motifs, striking use of curves, sleek stylised forms, black, gold and jewel colours with decadent finishes. Admired for its forward thinking and modernism, Art Deco design was highly influenced by the ambitious architecture of the time, including the ground breaking Empire State Building with its reflective chrome geometry and distinctive spire.

empire state building

If you’re ready for some deco details in your home consider using sleek materials such as mirror, glass and marble, monochrome colour schemes, glass furniture, angular armchairs, deco chandeliers, sculptural ceramics and vases, sunbursts, statement mirrors or mirrored walls, marquetry, highly polished wood, luxurious upholstery and over the top glamour.

Art Deco Cornicing and Skirting

Our useful online period finder will direct you straight to our Art Deco inspired decorative interior mouldings which include our stylish Stepped cornice (in three different sizes) and skirting board range. You’ll also find cornice uplighting which has been designed to hide LED wiring and our ornate Art Deco cornice with a plain cove profile and a fanned acanthus leaf motif. This is typical of the highly ornate but symmetrical designs of the 20’s and 30’s. 

art deco decorative cornice moulding

stepped skirting board

Above: bold and stylised Stepped Skirting No. 181 Tall, designed by Pierre Daems, this design can be incorporated with No. 180 when used as a door architrave and gives an integrated look between walls and floors.

Art Deco Style Wall Mouldings

As an example of how to use wall mouldings creatively, our U-shaped wall moulding No. 190  has been wall mounted in a fan design, typical of Art Deco style.

art deco fan wall mouldings

Similarly, our plain lightweight wall moulding No. 162 can easily be cut into geometric Art Deco designs and motifs as seen here in this restaurant. All of our decorative interior mouldings and wall panelling is made from a product called Purotouch which is polyurethane, a lightweight, easy to install product that allows for sharp detailing. This means it’s very quick and easy to cut and hang with our recommended adhesive.

wall mouldings for ceilings

This can extend to decorative ceiling treatments as seen here in this office space.

When you need a little extra help

If your'e not sure where to start with decorative interior wall mouldings, we offer a free design pairing service where we can help you navigate the different style options. 

Simply get in touch and we can look at images of your property and give you guidance on the best products. 

All our decorative interior mouldings can be found online here

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