What's so great about Purotouch? 

All of our decorative interior mouldings and wall panels are made from a material called Purotouch, a high quality polyurethane that allows for sharp detailing. The synthetic polymers mimic the look of wood or plaster and yet they are incredibly lightweight, water resistant and durable.

lightweight wall panelling and mouldings

Our Purotouch products are so lightweight, they can easily be lifted by these twins! 

What are the benefits of choosing a Purotouch product?

  • Budget friendly - much cheaper than traditional timber or plaster alternatives
  • Consistency of design - you can order again and again without compromising quality
  • Durable and will not damage unlike polystyrene or plaster
  • Mimics wood or plaster finishes
  • Fine detailing so it never looks cheap - crisp and sharp finish
  • It can be installed much faster than other alternatives
  • Flexible options that can wrap around corners
  • Water-resistant
  • Shock-resistant
  • Termite-resistant
  • Paintable
  • Cover skirting
  • Hide LED wiring
  • Hides curtain poles for neat window treatments

 cornicing by LL Company

You can see in the image above how crisp the profiling of our cornicing ranges are. 

Regency cornicing by the library ladder company

Even the more decorative designs are perfectly moulded to mimic the traditional plaster originals. 

Water resistant

Never have to worry about damp homes or leaks rotting the skirting boards as the product is stable and water resistant. This means in areas where traditional skirting, coving and panelling cannot be used without risk, our products are ideal.

wall panel No. 109 valleys used in a bathroom scheme

Above: Wall Panel No. 109 Valleys is used in a bathroom scheme

Made for real homes

Our wall panelling and flexible wall mouldings are ideal in period properties and can help to overcome uneven walls, quirky doors and bay windows. The flexibility of the product is a great advantage over wood or plaster products and gives a quality overall effect. 


The beauty of Purotouch is that it's so lightweight that you won't need to worry about overloading long sections of wall or using heavy plaster ceiling roses. An added advantage is that it takes half the time to install using our recommended adhesives. 

lightweight ceiling rose from LL Company

Above: Classic Ceiling Rose No. 40 - even with it's large size, the weight isn't an issue


We'd like to introduce you to our Flexible Decor Collection! Flexible interior decor products that can wrap around curved walls, over archways and much more! 

flexible decor collection from LL Company

Flexible Decor Collection from LL Company


Made with design in mind

Other design profiles include the Cornice Lighting Collection, trough shaped cornicing that can be fitted to incorporate uplighters or downlighters, cleverly designed to be used with most LED tape, rope or tube lighting systems. Our curtain pelmet coving allows you to hide ugly curtain poles, rings and pleats behind a single pelmet providing a neat and stylish window treatment.

Curtain Pelmet Coving from LL Company

For a fraction of the price of traditional panelling or mouldings you can achieve the same, elegant effects. Our interior decorative mouldings include coving, skirting boards, wall mouldings, door mouldings and ceiling roses of the highest quality, adding beautiful detailing to both period and contemporary homes.

The durability of Purotouch products means that they can be hung indoors or outdoors using our recommended adhesive and will stand the test of time, offering a safe investment for quality and longevity.

Our NEW Product Pairing Service

Take advantage of our new and FREE product pairing service. We can help to guide you in choosing complimentary products for your interior.

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